Wyze Mesh Router Threats

On our Wyze App, our Mesh Router Pro is recording similar threats it has blocked over the past 3 days in the Statistics section. The Threat states it is an “attempted outgoing malicious connection from our router to an IP address.” My question is should I be concerned and is there a way to find out more information on these outgoing connections and what device is generating them?

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Welcome @trinklesontour , as long as the perceived threat is blocked, there is nothing to be concerned about. But like you, I would like a bit more information like which device is actually reaching out or when something is blocked coming in, what device was it trying to reach.

here is a wishlist category where you can add your vote and provide additional information of what you are looking for or needed.

Add features to the Wyze Mesh Router and Router Pro - Wishlist / In Progress - Wyze Forum

I also set mine up to utilize Cloudflare DNS and to add additional blocking.


I need to have more information on threats as well. It’s ridiculous that there’s no way to expand which device it’s coming from.