was blocked as malicious site when wyze app is launched was blocked by my synology wifi router as malicious site when wyze app is launched.

Anyone noticing the same issue ?

Can you provide a bit more information? What device is .36? Have you trusted the device? Can you find what the security reason is?

I have not had any issues like this for all of the Wyze products I have online.

Wyze dislikes Ubiquity Server Solutions Seattle?

Leaseweb USA, Inc. NET-108-62-0-0-1 (NET-108-62-0-0-1) -
Ubiquity Server Solutions Seattle NETBLK-UBIQUITY-SEATTLE-108-62-56-0 (NET-108-62-56-0-1) -

Thanks! Please refer to below post for more information. Attached screenshot of my mesh system web UI blocking the site . The Devices “MS1-64…” is my mesh system to which all my 38 Wyze cams (v2, v3, pan cam, pan cam v2) are connected. This started happening only yesterday.

Amazon review shows this tid-bit about TCL Mesh Wi-Fi System:

Top reviews from the United States

Dean C Lester

1.0 out of 5 stars Sends data to China!

Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2021

Verified Purchase

Other reviews warned me with speculation, but I proved it with my own firewall logs. When there is no user activity, no devices connected, this router sends data to China, about once per minute. (devacs.edatahome.com)
whois for this address: CHINANET shanghai province network China Telecom No1,jin-rong Street Beijing 100032

Thanks! I have read this review before buying 3 sets , 9 units total, when it was on sale, $90 each. Used 5 units so far.

The set up is pretty stable for my almost 100 Wyze cams and devices.

It will be very easy for Wyze to check whether is related to Wyze cams.

Half of my 40 cams are turned off. When I launch the app, no warning. Warning pops up when I turn on the remaining cams by rule.

The other folk mentioned pan cam causing ip block. I cannot pin which cam causing ip block with my mesh setup.

you could contact Wyze:

you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online: Wyze.com/support

In addition, there is a device called Firewalla: https://firewalla.com/

I use this as it tracks every device on my network and where it beacons out to. You should be able o pin-point which device is trying to go to that IP. But it is an extra cost. I have used it successfully but everyoes setup is different, so read the site and information provided. Imptessive little passive box.

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Thanks! No more warning after the synology wifi router firmware was updated.

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Too bad. ip address blocked again.

I know this is old but I hope this helps someone else down the road. In working with Wyze I got this answer.

this is an IoT heartbeat server
not wyze-owned, it’s a part of a network that our tech partner uses to check if your devices are online
it serves no other function but blocking it could cause your device to think that the v3 is offline when you can view video and record events
(assuming it encounters cases where it can’t find another server before timeout)

Hello I have the same problem. Synology router is also blocking this same ip address for me too

Is it possible to whitelist this ip address?

Login to your synology wifi router, then click “Safe Access” → “Security” → “Exception List” and add the ip address.

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