DHCP problem bricks company DVR system

I have about 25-30 wyze cams at my work. They are on two different WiFi APs, and this Thursday at 9AM Central time the last event was recorded. There are dozens of people every day moving around for hours. I am no longer able to live view these cameras, even locally.

WiFi still works for everything else. Power cycling the cams has no affect.

I suspect you have blocked our business. We have many IPs and our cams should all be coming from inside We have an ASN, and it is 64236 as well if that helps.

We are a datacenter, so perhaps one of our clients did something bad to get us blocked. If so, I want to know who it was and what they did so I can address it with them.

If you do not unblock us, I will have to buy a new system for cameras, and return all 25-30 of the wyze cams.

I’d been using Wyze as an easy supliment to the existing system that I did not want to continue to invest in. But that’s up to Wyze corp I guess.

Maybe the bright side, if Wyze won’t unblock my work, I get 30 free wize cams for home. I’d never need to pay for another wyze cam at home again!


Is it possible that there has been some change on your router/ISP side that is causing the issue? I think that’s probably more likely than Wyze blocking your IP (which I have never heard of happening).

That said, this forum is primarily a user-to-user community and is not Wyze’s official support channel. To get support, you will need to file a Support Request. If you have done that and not gotten a response, please post your ticket number here and I’ll try to get it to Wyze staff member to make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.


There are millions of attacks and abuses every day on the global internet. Most companies employ a security strategy that includes some form of IP based blocking. I’d be very surprised if Wyze does not.

I’ve opened two tickets now on this. One from my personal 327302 and one from my work email 330445.

Our routers are passing traffic without problems everywhere else on the net. There are around 2000 clients online at any given time in our facility. And they waste no time letting us know if there’s a connectivity problem.

The office/employee network and its wifi that the Wyze cams use is supporting around 100 wired and 100 wireless devices owned and controlled by us.

I don’t have an ISP. I am an ISP. I actually have two ASNs, but the only one in use today us 64236. I’ve got redundant 50gbps bonds of fiber multihomed via dozens of major telecoms including At&t, cogent, Hurricane Electric, Verizon, Sprint, Level3, Century Link, NTT, and others.

It’s not a problem with my blue Linksys router needing to be unplugged and plugged back in again.

I’m sure, that you have a firewall somewhere, if only what’s provided in AWS. Maybe if you didn’t block us, it was AWS. So could you ask them perhaps? I’ll ask as well but our AWS account is relatively minor in comparison to yours I assume, so they might not give us the time of day.

I wouldn’t be surprised for a second that one of our clients did something stupid and got us blocked. We’ve probably already terminated them for it. But I’d like to get unblocked now, and verify that what ever caused it is dealt with.

If you can share the blocks of IPs that the cameras connect to, I’d be happy to run traceroutes to each of them to see where the block is happening, and share that with you.


As I mentioned, this forum is not Wyze’s support channel. I am not a Wyze employee. But, I will attempt to bring this post to a Wyze team member so they can look into your tickets. Since it’s Sunday, you won’t expect to hear anything until at least tomorrow.

Support does have a route trace tool that they will have you run to track down the issue. I expect support will ask you to do this when they are in touch with you.


No Problem. I won’t be in the office until then anyway.

What’s the name of the app they want folks to use, so i can have it installed and ready?

And what netblocks do the cameras connect to? Id like to test connectivity to each of them so i can find out where the block is occurring?

Do you have reserved subnets in aws, or just single EIPs?

I suppose i could wire tap our edge router or the access point itself with a span port and spy on the cameras to find out via reverse engineering, but I will probably get a more reliable answer by asking.

If Igo to the trouble of reverse engineering it I’ll post my findings publicly anyway, to save others the time, and my analysis might not be complete so it’s better to hear it from an official source even if it’s a general answer like “the ips change often but are always in ec2 Virginia, availability zone 2 and 3”. That would be good enough to troubleshoot connectivity.

Last year we had a similar block on your commerce store that delayed a large order of your product. I worked with Gwendolyn via the forums at the time and when we were unblocked, we ordered more cams.

Routing tool: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031128892-RouteThis-helps-

Ports: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022421192&?section=necessary-ports

Have you visited the Support Site troubleshooting section?


To what ips (or hostnames) do wyze cams connect?

I don’t know the answer to that specifically. I do know that traffic is routed by Wyze’s partner ThroughTek (TUTK). If you do a forum search for “Throughtek” or “TUTK”, you’ll find a bunch of posts by Wyze staff where this is discussed.

Hey, BillyCrook! Sorry to hear about this. I’ll see what I can dig up from my end.

Hi, I am pretty sure Wyze doesn’t intentionally block your IP. I am not aware of any IP blocking for customers.

Sometimes many cameras may get the 2.4GHz channel congested. It seems like they don’t have any connection with the cloud (or to the router). I see this as a connection issue than an IP blocking issue. Can you check the lights for the cameras first? Are they solid blue/flashing blue/flashing blue and yellow? That is the first to check. Thanks!


Have you tried seeing if you can ping the devices on the LAN?


JACKPOT. No. I hadn’t, since they don’t have reservations, so I wouldn’t know their IPs. They will soon, because that would have shown me the problem. They were not getting IPs, because of a dhcp server failure, not a Wyze-blocking problem.

Mods: Please update subject “DHCP problem bricks company DVR system”, as I know now it was not the fault of Wyze blocking anything.

I’m sorry, and embarrassed to have wasted your time on this when the ball was in our court. They’re all online now, and we’ll be fixing the office network mistakes on our side that led to this.

I might also suggest a WiFi fallback feature. In other words, remember each WiFi network used, and if the current one “doesn’t work”, then fall back to the most recently used, then second most recently, etc.

It’d probably be too advanced for 1-5 cam home users. But for large installations >30, it would be nice to have a screen in the app, where you could add WiFi network profiles to the ‘account’. That list could pre-populate with any WiFi network profile in use on any camera on the account. The user could order the networks in the global list to assign a preference to each one. Then per-camera, they could override that preference order. The cloud could push down updates to this list to all cameras on the account, and if one WiFi network fails, they would fail over to the secondary. This system could also then be used to (safely) change the WiFi network a cam is using, without physically touching it. So for instance when a cam gets installed in a theft-resistant location (read: hard to physically access), it can still be maintained over time as WiFi networks update.

What I’ll probably end up doing until this feature is created is buy another complete set of every cam we have, and just put two in each location side by side, on separate wifi networks.

I know it sounds like overkill. But maintaining continuous operation in spite of technical problems is important for security. Especially for a company.

I thought that local recording would work when WiFi was down as well, and that was a major selling point to me with Wyze, but I’m learning now I was mistaken on that too, if WiFi is down for a long time. And I think that’s an opportunity to improve the product as well. Local recording by default, and at all times if a MicroSD card is present. The act of inserting a MicroSD card itself is a statement by the user that the sole purpose of that card is to store continuous recording video. I guess one could use it just for time lapses, but we can agree that’s much less common.

At home I’ve gone the multi-vendor route, maintaining in parallel, systems from Wyze, Nest, Ring, and cheap Chinese wired cams on a zoneminder box. Usually only one has an issue at any given time.

Also, once the cameras have WiFi fallback, they can communicate the failure, and the nature of the failure of their primary wifi when they connect to the fallback wifi network, and it can communicate that to the user.

For instance, when my Nest Smoke alarm looses WiFi connection, or electricity, I get a notice from Nest that starts my troubleshooting in the right direction.


Thank you for updating with the cause, I’ll see if I can have a mod change the title


I have changed the title of the post as you’ve requested and we’re happy that you were able to get this resolved. :slight_smile:

The local recording issue is a bug that we’re working on and we apologize. You normally should be able to record to a microSD card without WiFi connectivity as long as the camera has been configured for that.

Your WiFi fallback request should go over to the Wishlist section. It sounds like a cool feature!