Wyze App functionality issues


I’ve recently run into an issue with my Wyze App. I have a Galaxy S8 and my Wyze app and up to date.

Starting a few days ago, when connected to my WiFi, I’m not longer able to get further than the WYZE logo when opening the app. However, if I turn off my wifi and connect to 4G, I can access the app.

Once in the app, usability varies depending on if I’m on 4G or Wifi. Some examples are:

  • Wifi must be enabled to view camera feeds.
  • Events can only be seen on 4G, if connected to Wifi, it says the event doesn’t exist.
  • When checking my shared device, if on Wifi it says it’s not shared, when on 4G it updates and shows me the shared user.

So I’m constantly switching back and forth between Wifi and 4G to use different functions within the app.

What is important to note here is my location. I’m currently living in Japan, on a US military installation. I feel this maybe important due to my IP address. I’ve been here over a year and have had no issues when using the app on Wifi until three days ago. I’m not sure if something has changed and my IP is no longer accepted or if it’s an issue on my end?

Thanks for the help!

This sounds like it may be an ISP issue. Have you tried using a VPN app and connecting to US based servers?

I have. The VPN will allow me to log into the app but if I want to view the cameras, I have to turn the VPN off and use my normal wifi. I get the “Please try to exit app and retry” when connecting to my cameras via VPN.

Is there a process for white listing IP addresses?

Is your ISP commercial, or through the installation there? If it’s the installation, then I suspect the problem lies there.

It’s provided through the installation. Is there something I can do, anything you suggest? It’s very frustrating, I have another year here.

If it’s through the installation, then I suspect they saw the camera / Wyze traffic, and blocked it. I would talk to the comm guys there at the installation. This article might assist you with communicating your problem to them.


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I agree with DreadPirateRush, email your ISP’s support department and ask if they can open the ports on his link.

Also, as a possible second solution, what VPN provider did you use? I hear VyprVPN by Golden Frog has a “Chameleon” mode that is stealthier than most, and may keep your providers from interfering with your communications. Another possibility to try, anyway. May also verify that your ISP is actively interfering with your connections if it works. They have a 3-day free trial to test with if you want to try that as a solution.

Of course all this assumes your router isn’t set up to block anything.

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