Lost Control of Internet Access on Wyze app

Starting about 2 weeks ago I had troubles with internet access which ended up in changing my router to another model. Since the change all systems except those associated with the Wyze app on my android Samsung S10 have adjusted and are working fine. In my current Wyze inventory I have 9 devices, 4 cameras and 5 smart switches. For the last 2 weeks none of these work as all indicate they are still shown as connected to the former but now non existent network/router. There does not seem to be a way to change the incorrect Network assignments that are summarized in the Device List and it appears that my app can no longer access the correct network/router as defined in Samsung Settings/Connections/Wi-Fi. I uninstalled the Wyze app and reinstalled it but that didn’t seem to fix anything. Any attempts to restart any Wyze device is ignored.

In looking at some of the online responses as to a cause I’ve confirmed that I am using the 2.4 GHz network. I’ve done a Force Stop on the Wyze app followed by a phone restart all of which had no effect on the situation.
On top of all of this I have been unable to successfully communicate my problem to the Support folks at Wyze during the holiday transition.

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I have a similar problem, and just determined that what I needed to do was simply to add a new device. There does not seem to be a way to change internet setting, so start from scratch. I got hung up on the “scan the QR code with your cam” thinking that the code was on my phone, so how could I scan it with my phone cam… No, display the QR code in front of the Wyze cam. :wink:

Thanks very much. I’ve been trying to find a way for almost 2 weeks but at 87 I’m finding its harder to think outside the box. I deleted a smart-plug and reinstalled it and selected the right (and only ) network/router and it works just fine. It didn’t however fix any of the other 8 devices so it looks like I may have to do the same for the others which isn’t quite as easy for the cameras. Maybe Wyze will step in and fix this problem as it will surely bite more than just you and I.
Thanks again, Larry

I expect that the feedback will inform their future development. Glad you were able to get something going again at least!

@larcrow you really don’t have to go through all that pain. You can just set the new router to have the same SSID and password as the old router, and all the Wyze stuff should “just work”. You would, however, have to again reconfigure that one plug you already switched over.

However the new router did not let me assign my own if and password

Carol Covington

It is very unlikely that that is the case. What router model are you using?

That would be much easier especially for the cameras. It kind of screws up my record keeping somewhat as I have tended to use the SSID number shown on the router which comes in handy for those times when I use a second router for special purposes. Ill have to come with some generic versions.

You didn’t explain what part of my dialogue is unlikely but I’m using the latest router that Spectrum is installing in the LA area which carries a Default Network Name of “SpectrumSetup-36”

What I meant is unlikely is an inability to control the name of the SSID and password. Again, if you simply configure the router to use the same SSID and password as the old router, you won’t have to change the cameras.

Here are your ISP’s instructions

It’s easy to customize your WiFi network name and password. To connect all your devices in one step, visit Spectrum.net.