I cannot see my cameras unless I uninstall/reinstall the app- DAILY

I have checked that firmware is up to date. It all is. Everytime I try to pull a feed up via the app on my phone it cannot connect to the cameras. I have to uninstall/reinstall several times a day just to get them to work for me. My partner has zero trouble with this. I have given Wyze permission to use everything and all the time. I have tried signing out/in. The only way I can view the cameras is to uninstall/reinstall EVERY TIME. What am I doing wrong? TYIA

While waiting for detailed help, what operating system are you on? Android or iOs?

Any differences between the two phones?

Does this happen on wifi and without wifi?

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In addition to what @ssummerlin is asking, are you using a VPN on your network or phone?

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Thank you both. I have a Galaxy S23. One UI Version: 6.1 & Android Version 14.
My partner’s phone is a Google Pixel 8. Android Version 14.
If I am home on wifi or out on wifi or just on my network, it still does it. Although when at home on my wifi sometimes it does work the first time I open the camera but after I close it, it acts up.
I do not use VPN.