Figuring out why updating from Android 10 to 11 has given me this problem with the Wyze app/cams

I use a VPN on my Android phone and before, when my phone was running on Android 10, the Wyze app worked as it should without any tinkering in the VPN settings. However, ever since I updated the same phone to Android 11 about a week ago, I can no longer view my Wyze cams under the VPN, which forced me to whitelist the Wyze app within the VPN settings, and it has since been working properly.

What happens is that when the Wyze app is not on the whitelist, my cameras would just load forever at the ‘1/3, 2/3, 3/3’ part but wouldn’t connect successfully. Basically, under the whitelist it works fine, but when it’s not it doesn’t. I have tried reinstalling both apps since i’ve updated to Android 11 but still didn’t go back to it’s old ways.

Any know the reason for this?