Can't view cameras on phone on wifi

Hi all. I’ve been having this issue for the last couple of months. I can view all of my Wyze cameras that I have at house 1 on my Wyze app on Android ONLY if I have the phone’s wifi turned OFF.

  • I can view my Wyze cameras on House 2 with wifi turned on my phone.
  • If I have my phone connected to House 1’s wifi, I cannot load the live views on House 1.
  • I have the latest updates on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra)
  • I have restarted, uninstalled the Wyze app, reinstalled the Wyze app, No change.
  • I can view the cameras on other Android devices on the app on wifi.

So, it seems it’s isolated to the unique combination of my phone and when it’s on wifi. Anyone have any ideas?

My first thought is that your WiFi access point is configured to NOT allow one connected device to send data to another connected device. This is sometimes considered a security advantage, but would cause exactly what you are seeing. If my guess is correct, this is a setting in your access point - NOT a Wyze issue.

Sounds reasonable. I am running an Eero mesh network. No devices blocked.

Not familiar with Eero, is it possible that the hotspot that the phone is connecting to in house1 is in a different subnet that the cameras are connected to, also in house1? Highly unlikely but I’d check the IPs of the main router, the phone and one camera when both are connected in house1.

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Ok, update. I restarted the fiber modem and the Eero mesh network. I charged up my Wyze Outdoor V2. I can now see the battery powered camera but none of the powered ones in House 1 on the phone when using wifi. Bizarre! Anyone else encounter this?

When I was running Netgear Orbi mesh network, there was an option that I sometimes turned on & forgot that required me to approve any new devices accessing my home wifi. Probably not your issue but it sure stumped me a few times over the years!!

I just googled and found this for Eero.