Wyze Cam Pan Hitting Blocklisted IP Address

This morning one of my Cam Pans was registering a IP block on my firewall to IP address on UDP port 10001. I looked up that IP and it is listed on Blocklist.DE (https://lists.blocklist.de/lists/all.txt). I wanted to check if that is a legitimate IP address for the cameras to be using. Assuming it is legitimate someone needs to check why that subnet got listed. For reference my cameras are also hitting the following IPs on 10001:,,


My synology wifi router also blocked this ip adress . I am worried since I am ONLY using the Wyze app when the synology app sent me warning notification.

Wyze may need to check this out!

Do you still have blocked by your router firewall ?

My router firewall blocks when I click rules to turn on, turn off or restart cameras. No blocking if I turn on, turn off or restart cams one by one.

I have 2 cameras reaching out to this IP, but I have 5 cameras. I’m a little concerned the RTSP firmware I am running was not exactly clean.

Are you perchance running the RTSP beta firmware? (I’m running v2’s)

I am not running RTSP firmware on my cameras. I ended up whitelisting that address for the time being since it was reported as a valid Wyze server in another thread.

Thanks Rich, that alleviates some of my concern.

Still being reported as malicious, but I tend to agree with you.

That ip address is a Wyze TUTK server address confirmed by Wyze.
Please refer to this thread :

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Thank you - I’ll whitelist and see if I can report it as clean too.