IP List that Wzye Cam actually connects to?

So like others I’ve whitelisted several IPS for Amazon due to the Wyze cam traffic that I’ve seen being blocked by my Firewall. Now all the sudden I’m seeing new IPS out of the blue. I’m seeing from China and from Canada. My question is why would the ip’s change all the sudden, and can we get a SET list of IP’s that WyzeCam uses?

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Not really possible, the routes aren’t fixed, and they have no control over Throughtek’s servers.

When a company (ThroughTek) adds new servers, they are in a pool, and the load balancer is the one in charge of that.


ShadowCam is correct. It is a pool of servers that are setup by our provider ThroughTek. We don’t have controls of the IP list. We did ask them to limit all streaming traffic to US servers only. They made the change but not from the device boot time.


Can we get host names that point to the pools then so we can whitelist via the host name so as they add the ips we don’t have to keep adding as well? They are obviously using more than US if my camera is reaching out to China or Canada.

Can you confirm the network traffic is between camera and the listed IP? We used ThroughTek SDK that we can’t block connection to the servers but we blocked following IP from network level.

I am surprised that is on your capture list since it should have been blocked by our filter. Likely we missed the filter somewhere. The above list is confirmed by ThroughTek to be their servers. You can consider adding them onto your list.

Just as a follow up… 4 of the IP’s in your list are China based Ip Addresses.

Out of curiosity. Is there a way to know what the TUTK UID of our individual cameras are?

ThroughTek (TUTK) is based in Taiwan and have a lot of customers in Asia including China. That is why they have the servers in China and other countries. Their SDK can limit streaming traffic to US only but can’t limit the traffic during device boot up time. With that, we implemented a filter logic for v2 and Pan in network level to block traffic to those listed servers above. We confirmed it was a broadcast during device boot up and the fastest response server will get connected. So limiting the server list shouldn’t fail any functionality. The disadvantage is that there will less servers (US servers only) for load balancing and cameras from other countries will need to connect to US servers as well.


Is the fix released yet so we can download time lapse files? I still cannot download.

Wrong thread man… you prob wanted:

need a new lists of ips used as stuff not working any longer. from app