Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Disable Maltiverse - Bridge Mode

Maltiverse seems to have way too many false positives. At this point I just want to shut the darn thing off. I want to do the following

  1. Grab my old router and put it in-between the primary Wyze Router and my fiber box
  2. Enable Bridge Mode in the Wyze mesh routers
  3. My old router would handle DHCP reservations, DNS, everything else.
  4. Disable wifi on my old router
  5. The Wyze routers would essentially just be for managing my Wifi network with and then reach out to the internet when needed via the old router. Maltiverse doesn’t get the chance to f’ things up.

Will the system work the way I want it to or is there some Wyze limitation on the routers and Maltiverse?

The same happened to me. :sob: