Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Network Threat Detected Prevented - ctldl.windowsupdate.com

Good evening everyone. I had a corrupt Windows update (or I thought I did) install on my home PC. I went the route to wipe and reinstall Windows to help fix. I get the OS installed and get to a Desktop. I usually start with Windows Updates to grab all the base drivers and install OS updates. I began to have issues connecting to the Windows Update Services. Went down several paths of changing DNS, starting/restarting services, restarting Windows Store and still had issues.

I redownloaded the ISO (I have an MSDN) and a fresh install of Rufus to create the bootable disk. Wiped OS and reinstalled and still having issues. Scratching my head I booted up an older Windows Laptop and got online. I went to try updating Windows and it’s getting the same error on a Win11 Device about not connecting to the update service.

This lead me to look into my Network. And there it is. 20+ Network Threat Prevented, “DNS communication from device Office Router to malicious domain ctldl.windowsupdate.com detected and successfully blocked”.

This is a legitimate site for a Windows machine to call out to receive updates. Which makes more sense why my PC that was updating was stuck and it wasn’t a corrupt update. I am discovering this off of support hours but wanted to know if anyone has had this issue, found a way to Whitelist a legitimate site, and continue on updating.


I just checked, I had this same thing. Apparently it also blocked discordapp.com

Will you submit a log and post the log number?
Note: Submitting a log is not opening a support ticket, but I’d like to pass this information on to a dev so they’re aware. We can’t necessarily expect a response to it through this type of channel though. So, if a response is desired, then you’d still have to open a support ticket.

My log = 1155825

Edit: looks like they’re aware and working on resolving it.

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Log = 1155996

Glad I am not the only one seeing it.

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Could you try rebooting your routers now? I believe this was fixed by wyzes security partner.


I rebooted and it’s allowing traffic through that site again. Thank you!