Wyze mesh router and Apple Private Relay

I’ve gotten a few pop ups on my phone indicating my network is not compatible with Apple private relay. I cannot find much info on the web or anyone else stirring about this topic. What setting do I need to change or set up to allow for Private Relay to work on these routers? Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

From a post I found online (probably the safe browsing stuff on the router):

I had the same problem, I resolved by updating the firmware on my ASUS router. If you manage your own router I recommend this as the first step. If they does not solve the problem, I recommend the following actions is order:

  • Contact your router manufacture and see if they have fix. They may have a software update pending.*
  • If you use QoS (Quality of Service) on your router, temporarily turn it off. See if that resolves*
  • If you use any form of child/family safety systems on your router that block access based on family membership, temporarily turn it off. See if the problem resolves. *

In items 2 and 3 your router is filtering or prioritizing network traffic based on it’s content or destination. Your router might be telling your Apple device that it won’t allow PrivateRelay traffic because it can’t evaluate it, for QoS or Family Security. Your router vendor should update the firmware to accommodate Private Relay even if you have these setting on.

Thank you but I was hoping to get info on the Wyze router when I posted this on the Wyze forum so I could get pertinent info on this specific system.
I appreciate you giving it a shot however.

It is related…Wyze uses safe browsing filters for their routers (I think they refer to it as parental controls.) Not sure how it is configured on the Wyze routers or even if you can change settings.

Thank you. I have never used it yet so that function has not been turned on. But you’re correct. There is a toggle to enable it.
I may need to just call support

This is not only irritating but has become slightly concerning to me that Wyze won’t allow my privacy on these routers with standard setup. I’ve not changed any settings.
I’m also surprised no one has spoken up from Wyze on this topic.

User forum without any real Wyze presence.