Wyze Mesh Router Pro - Apple Devices - Private Wi-Fi Address issue

Good afternoon it’s me again. So I have had the Router Pro for a few months now and for the most part I have not had any issues. This past week I am having an increased amount of issues. My earlier post about Windows Update was one but I am having more issues with the system.

Last night I was having issues with multiple Apple Devices. It would show connected but no internet. I turned off Wi-Fi and turned back on, would connect and then go to no internet connection. I would get a valid IP but it would not pass traffic. I was able to replicate on multiple devices. I then drilled down into the settig son the device and toggles off “Private Wi-Fi Address”. Once the adapter reset itself, boom connected and passing traffic. I toggled it on, then would get connected but no internet again. I was able to replicate on all devices.

Both iOS and iPadOS are up to date on software. Router is up to date on firmware.

I am not seeing any topics on this other than someone pointing out the unknown devices in the devices list can come from an Apple device using the Private Wi-Fi Address function.

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Welcome @stanbfromaz , I am a Forum Volunteer and not a Wyze Employee. Could you provide additional information so Wyze can look into this:

  • Type of Device the App is installed on
  • App Version being used
  • Firmware Version of the Mesh Pro
  • get a Device Log so that Wyze has something to look into. To do this, go to the Mesh Pro in the app, click on the Settings Gear, the Wyze Support and Submit a log.

Please post the Log here when you get it.

thanks in advance.


iPhone 14 Pro Max on iOS 16.6 (20G75)
Wyze App
Both Routers Wyze Mesh Router Pro Firmware Version
Log 1160621

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Additional logging event submitted with Modem information.

I tried booting up my iPad and get an IP but not passing traffic. Even with turning off Pr

iPadOS 16.6

An additional iPhone 13 Pro Max on iOS 16.6 same issue.

So not sure if Wyze is making changes on the back end but all traffic stopped yesterday evening for about 5 minutes. I power cycled everything (which I had done several times before originally writing about the Windows Update issue) and boom, all Apple Devices connected successfully with Private Wi-Fi activated, and other devices I had issues with connection as well. I went from 32 devices to 46 successful connections.


I have been having similar issue ever since changing to the Wyze Router Pro. All apple devices (phones, iPads, and streaming Apple TV boxes) are connected to the internet and work for most things. But when connecting to any apple server (App Store, Apple TV network) it does not allow devices to connect. Once I turn off WiFi and use cellular data, everything works fine. Connect to Wyze network again and same issues, won’t connect to Apple server.

Are you seeing anything being blocked in the “Statistics” button>Recent Threats Blocked>See More in the app? Maybe they’re erroneously blocking access to Apple sites all of the sudden. Often it just gives the IP, so you could use a site like iplookup to see who might own that IP, and see if it’s Apple.

But, in reality, this is a slightly different question than the original. The only thing the same is that they’re Apple devices. But, in stanbfromaz’s case, NO traffic would route. You just can’t seem to get to Apple sites.