Mesh router can't get IP address

Mesh router won’t set up. Says it can’t get IP address from modem.
TP link router has no issues.
Yes, data cable is plugged in to modem and router.
Not that tech savvy so I took it back out and reinstalled TP
I’ve probably had it too long to turn it.
Ideas please.

Support should be able to help walk you through the required troubleshooting:

I know they recently released a new firmware update that was supposed to help with a few modems that had trouble in a similar way. Support should have details on the best way for you to resolve it. They’ll get you taken care of in a situation like this.

You contact them by phone, chat or email (submit a ticket through the website). I prefer email for my convenience, especially since it’s a weekend, but you can use whichever method you prefer.

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