Mesh Home Router

Whelp purchased the mesh home routers last week and got them up and running with all our devices. In case others try these out check out this simple little hack to keep them from overheating.


They do get a little warm at the bottom, though that is because they use a heatsink there to keep the rest of the electronics cool (ie: nothing to worry about if it feels warm, as they made sure it went to the heatsink and stayed within designed limits). Still, the cooler things are kept, the better they function overall, so I really like your idea of lifting it up a little like this to still have a little more airflow. I have a small fan blowing on my router, modem, switch, etc to help keep those critical devices running slightly cooler. I might have to consider raising the router up a little bit like this too. I’m not saying it’s really necessary and it would be fine without doing it, but I love letting my electronics breathe as much as possible just to help them out. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.


The one good thing about using the steel light plate is that it absorbs a good chunk of heat and distributes it quickly. Highly recommended to help the systems last longer.

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