Modification needed for heat dissipation

Mesh Router Pro does not dissipate the heat enough with the very small feet on the underside of the router base. I added an additional 1/4" rubber bumpers to the existing bumpers and that made a significant difference. Without this additional space, the router gets extremely hot on both the top and the bottom. This is in an unheated area with plenty of natural airflow around it. I’m concerned that this could overheat w/out this additional air space under normal circumstances.

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The heat produced by the router has been mentioned to Wyze in the past. The explanation provided was that this is normal because the heat being radiated by the unit is exactly what is supposed to be doing. That is where the Heat Sinks are located and they are working. The heat is being directed outward instead of inward.

Placing the router up off the bottom a bit with spacers isn’t a bad idea to help it dissipate more heat though.

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This is a sticker that is now shipping affixed to the top of the Router Pro (I removed it and stuck it on the box):


I bought these little fans - they work great and are almost the same footprint as the router. They run off the USB port on the back of the router, too.


Excellent idea… Those are perfect… I may get one for the main router that takes all the traffic… The satellite seems to stay much cooler than the main one. I put it up just a little with extra feet and that made a HUGE difference… Thanks for the tip

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That is a great solution. My only concern would be how loud they are since my root router is in my living room with the rest of my AV gagetry. And, since the standard router doesn’t have a USB, only the Pro, it would have to be plugged into a wall wart or USB on another nearby device for use with the white one.

Very quiet! I have one in the LR.

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why don’t you just turn the router on its side so you get better airflow?

That’s not a bad idea, but I’m not sure everyone would want to do that if it’s not specifically designed to be positioned that way. In all honesty, i think a very simple modification to their design is the best solution with just putting a 1/4” thicker footing on it.

Funny you say that. I have two that are both on their side. But, it isn’t for airflow.

I have determined thru trial and error that the antenna signal is predominately out the top of the unit. With both flat, I get a -68 RSSI. When I place them on their sides with the top of each pointing in the general direction of the other I get a -61 RSSI and much lower lag latency on cams attached to the node.

You make a good point but I think it’s more about polarization of the RF rather than the “signal coming out of the top” For optimum performance the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna should have the same polarization. You also make an excellent point that the box does get to pretty warm and electronics like to be cool. Perhaps the product manager at Wyze can weigh in here…

I solved this by replacing the rubber feet on the units with 3/4” rubber bumper feet. It allows for a great deal more air flow under the unit, to the point that the surface underneath is barely warm.

This is what I purchased: Self Adhesive Rubber Bumper Feet .750” inches (19.1 mm) x .750” inches (19.1 mm) - 25 Pack - BS47 Black

This is what it looks like:

Thank you. Just ordered those from Amazon… I have a root router and a satellite that I’ll use these on both… I think the developers might want to look into this option to include those with their shipments of the routers. I know when I added a similar option, it helped immensely …

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Really liked your suggestion but I have the Mesh Router (which is white) not the Pro. I bought these clear ones which are slightly shorter:

Cool, I hope they work out for you!

great idea, but,

is this fan equipped 《 auto heat sensor 》 ??

will it turn on/off automatically ? ?