Packet loss and running very hot

I’ve been using a pair of Mesh Pro’s since July. In general, I’m pretty happy. The main concern has been that they run very very hot. I’m concerned both in the temperature as well as the power usage. The bottom of the case measures 117 F.

Recently, I’ve started experiencing significant latency (over 200mSec at times) and major packet loss (over 50% at times.). In my testing, my laptop and mesh-pro are about 6 feet apart.

I also have an Aruba AP (that I use for an 802.1X3 network). It has zero packet loss and very low latency. Both are connected to the same firewall (pfSense)

I have tried rebooting (powercycling) both Mesh-Pro’s with no impact…

I’m not sure if a factory reset and reconfigure would make a difference. I am concerned that excessive heat may be impacting performance and longevity.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Here is more discussion and some heat dissipation tips.

I have one under the main unit (standard). The fan is very quiet, low speed is almost inaudible and generates enough air flow. I used a small steam rack before using the fan.

AC Infinity MULTIFAN S4, Quiet 140mm USB Fan, UL-Certified for Receiver DVR Playstation Xbox Computer Cabinet Cooling

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Thanks for the URL, I purchased the fan and it seems to resolve that problem on the main AP. Will be getting an additional fan for the satellite. Right now I have the satellite turned off…

However, still having latency issues…

You can try disabling the pfSense firewall temporarily to see whether the latency and packet loss situation improves.

Thanks. Tried that. its not the firewall.