Meet the new BR30 shape of Wyze Bulb Color!

Make any space shine with its ultra-bright 950 lumen rating, or wind down to just 30 lumen of subtle light. Whether it’s game day or movie night, set the mood with 16 million colors in a new shape perfect for recessed lighting.

Wyze Bulb Color BR30


I would get these for the can lights in the basement, but I no longer spend any time down there. And I don’t have any recessed lighting anywhere else in my house. But, if I ever redo the kitchen lights, I would give these a go.

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Cool to have some directional lighting that is a better fit for recessed and can lighting.

And right now we get a free copy of the other color bulbs with a 2-pack or 4-pack of these. :+1:


Excellent, order placed. Hopefully these will work in the WPA2 / WPA3 transition mode properly. The original WYZE color bulbs do not.

I stand corrected. It appears that a firmware update to the original WYZE colored bulbs resolved the WPA2/WPA3 transition mode network issues. All of my color bulbs (including the new BR30 bulbs) are connecting to a transition mode network without an issue.

Will these support Matter?

Based on this article I would say no. I’ll venture a guess and say they likely never will.

No from me then.

Excited about these… The Kitchen is going to be club ready!


I read the article, but I didn’t see anything in there suggesting these would never be Matter Supported. The article indicates that anything with WiFi, or Thread, or ZigBee, and even some Bluetooth are capable of Matter. In another thread WyzeFrederik explained more details about Matter wanting devices to be able to setup with BLE. These clearly have WiFi and setup with BLE so they certainly have the prerequisites to support matter and could in theory be Matter compliant it seems.

I am not speaking for Wyze, nor have they said which products will support Matter, so it is indeed possible that these never will, but it’s also possible they could since they appear to have the known prerequisites to be compatible for it. I guess it mostly depends on if they have the capacity to store and execute the required Matter libraries on the device. I do not know their specific chip limitations on the lighting, but it seemed to me that WyzeFrederik was not dismissive about the possibility of it for any company lighting that supported BLE with WiFi… Though his statements were prior to the release of the Matter 1.0 libraries and nobody has commented with an update since the 1.0 launch.

But my point is that while thread is the focus for Matter, it is not a requirement. WiFi, ZigBee and BLE also all work with Matter, so nothing we know of excludes the possibility of future Matter compatibility.

Having said that, I always do my purchasing of anything based on it’s CURRENT functionality. I would never recommend someone buy something based on what they HOPE it MIGHT be able to do in the future. Always assume what you are buying now is all that it has. Of it gets more later, consider it a bonus. This reduces entitlement and anger and buyers remorse and will always increase satisfaction. So I agree with you to assume for now that it won’t have Matter support since it does not already have it enabled. That is a good suggestion. :+1:


I personally believe that the WYZE development teams are in well over their head already. That is the real reason I am guessing their bulbs will never support matter. WYZE has a very difficult time releasing firmware that functions properly with their own home grown application and features/functions.

Can you imagine how “great” things would be if they tried to release firmware that works properly with 3rd party applications as well? Don’t get me wrong, I do like the idea. However, it is a very scary proposition based on my 4+ years of experience with several WYZE products.

Some forum mod decided to merge my new post into a wish list. This isn’t a wish list item. This functionality is simply missing. It exists with the OG color bulbs. Why is it not in place for the new BR30 bulbs? I’m placing this here so everyone knows that the BR30 color bulbs DO NOT function the same as the original color bulbs.

I was hoping that these new color BR30 bulbs would have the same capabilities as the original color bulb. Just a heads up for everyone. As of this posting the following actions are missing:

Turn on for
Turn Sun Match On
Turn Sun Match Off

I use the “Turn on for” function to turn off the original color bulbs after X amount of time. I hit my shortcut button (while the original color bulbs are already on) within the app before going to bed. The original color bulbs then turn off X minutes later. Hopefully the missing actions are added soon to the BR30 color bulb.

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(I am not a mod, nor did I move the comment, but I can explain in general terms why the mods were intending to help)

Moving it to the Wishlist allows the Wyze teams who would actually implement this to be able to better track it. Not all the teams follow the other threads in the forums (though they do have employees who read everything, such as WyzeJasonJ), the wishlist/roadmap is reviewed weekly by various teams (according to the VP), and they use the wishlist to help them realize what other functionality to add and work on next in many cases.

It is helpful to have in here as well so that customers realize it is missing, but if there is functionality we want added to a device, the wishlist is more likely to get it in front of the applicable teams’ attention.

In this case, the Rules Engine team are unlikely to see the request in this thread, but they do look at the Add more Actions thread, so it was moved there for them so that it gets on their radar as things that don’t exist as rules yet but that people want the rules team to add in as a rule.

Hence, the mods were actually helping to ensure it is more likely to get seen by the right team and not just by us users.


Thank you for your explanation. Adding it to the wish list is indeed a great thing. Closing out my original thread…not so much.

Can they be used in the pot lights under the eaves? (out door)

Yes, some people have been using them this way.
If your pots fit a BR30 bulb and won’t be hit with rain/snow, you should be fine.

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When are they coming to Canada?

Wyze hasn’t officially said yet to my knowledge, but usually it’s not too long after the US launch. For example, the V3 Pro’s were announced during Wyze week at the end of October, but they’re already on the Canada site, so that took less than month, maybe only a couple of weeks (though they’re sold out now). If I had to guess I’d say a few weeks. It might vary depending on Wyze’s inventory. Keep an eye out on


Are they ever in stock?!? I have a basement project underway and would love for these to go into the cans I am installing!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @behemoth85!

Popular new item. Looks like new stock is estimated in the store (app) in several weeks.

But, you can still get them from the Wyze Store on Amazon:

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