Makes a loud noise from the brush head

Our vacuum was working well for about a year, but in the last week or so has started to head a very loud noise and it is coming from the brush head that is attached to the long vacuum tube. Noise comes on during the brush rotation when turned on. We made sure that everything is fit correctly as we remove the brush to remove hair that is stuck. Vacuum still works though, but just can’t use it at home due to loud noise it makes
Anyone experiencing the same issue?

I think the parts are all clean, not sure where the noise is coming from. Any ideas?

Other side, suspecting noise to be from this, although it’s hard to isolate

You did everything I would’ve tried/suggested off the top of my head. I once had a problem, but cleaning the brush head of tangled hair in it fixed the issue. I see you’ve already done that.

At this point I would personally contact and ask Support:

Let us know if you find out anything else.


As you said it is coming from the Brush head, I am assuming it doesn’t make any abnormal noise when you detach that from the main part of the vacuum (ie: as though you’re vacuuming corners or small cracks without the brush attachment), right?


It appears that you have a bunch of carpet fiber or hair/fur wrapped around the bearing. Try picking it out with a pair of tweezers. It should look like this when the channel is cleaned out:


Yes, if i detach no noise. And also i can use other attachments fine

Thank you. Let me check this out and will let you know, seems like that could be the one!

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