Lock Bolt ( Wifi ) - Auto-unlock turns off ( doesnt remain ) on

Happened after I updated my Android fw to Android 13, this is the only part it goes off even after picking locatioin, it worked fine before

Anyone seen this, - also will this product work with the door pro unlock update

I havent got updates for either products on my apps yet, I have a door pro too

As they explained to you in Reddit, the lock bolt is the black lock with a fingerprint reader and it does not have auto unlock. What you have is the Original Wyze Lock.

I am not sure why you are having problems with the auto unlock feature but it might help to contact support to walk you through some standard troubleshooting.

If you have a Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, you should be able to link it up to your Original Wyze Lock. Go into settings and select accessories, and remember you have the original lock, the silver one with WiFi, not the lock bolt (the lock bolt with fingerprint reader).

My bad . I termed it incorrectly. I resolved my issues by removing and readding location permissions. On the same note, can we expect an update for this device, like the beta feature of connecting to door bell pro to unlock

I believe it already does that. At least when I was seeing up the link on my doorbell pro, it asked me if I wanted to link my original lock or my lock bolt (I have both), and I chose the lock bolt. But it said it was going to let me set up the original lock the same way if I wanted, so I think it’s already setup for it.

Really? I never saw that option but this is a new beta feauture

Unsure how it works

Linking the VDBPro to the original lock is not new. I just talked to someone who has been using it for a while now.

Linking the VDBPro to the new black Lock Bolt is what is new and a beta feature

If you have a VDBPro and the original (silver) Lock, you can link them together right now. Open your doorbell, open settings and go to accessories and try linking it.

wow, didnt know that

I also added it an accessory to my door bell pro, see that I can unlock/lock from there…funny I was thinking it was like some facial recognition which would unlock it

thanks a lot everyone

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