Lock Bolt flashes red and beeps, not usable whenever it rains

Like the title says, whenever it rains it beeps and flashes red, this can last hours, and the keypad is unusable. When not raining, works as it should. If this is because the keypad is getting wet, that would be pretty bad for an item designed to be in the elements. Sometimes when it rains all day I have had to just pull the batteries out of it.

If this can’t be resolved I will have to buy a different brand because, as you would think, not being able to get into my house because it’s raining is a no-go.

Tried new batteries, re-adding the lock, no difference.

Is this when you use the fingerprint sensor or the number code or the app to try to unlock it?

well it beeps constantly without touching it, trying to use the fingerprint or keypad does not work. I can’t remember if I could use the app to actuate it while this was happening, will try that. I seem to recall that I could use the app, just not 100% sure.

I would definitely reach out to support then. That’s not normal behavior. I have had mine since launch and it doesn’t do that.

ya, will do that, thanks


I am having the same issue. If the reader is wet or damp in any way, it will not work. Ever. It has to be a totally dry environment for the fingerprint reader to work.
If I had known this before purchasing it it would have been a deal breaker.

It’s like this for most fingerprint readers.
Even an iPad/iPhone TouchId will refuse to recognize a finger that is too damp.

A quick swipe of the finger on dry clothing usually does the trick.
For the Lock Bolt, if the sensor is damp, one should just also dry it with a dry piece of cloth.

It doesn’t work then either.

My keypad stopped working and I am only able to open it from the inside or using the app from the outside. I complained and they send me a new one. After 5 days it happened to the new one. So I took the old one apart and it was all corroded.
Interesting thing is I have a second lock that I use on a door that’s near the house’s furnace and I think since it’s a lot less humid (it’s a propane furnace) it has not been giving me any problems.

Definitely a manufacturing issue. I live where it gets to -40c and humidity gets trapped between the house door and the storm door. And getting stuck outside in -40c is not great……