Wyze Lock emitting high pitched beep and jam on auto-unlock


We have had a Wyze Lock installed and operating on our front door for 6+ months with minimal issues. In just the last few days, we are seeing a pattern where upon initiating auto-unlock the Wyze lock emits a high-pitched tone (we have not heard this higher pitched tone until this situation), tries to open but only moves the dead bolt partially, and then emits a door jam beep and sends a door jam alert to my phone. The door cannot be otherwise unlocked ‘manually’ with the phone. The only solution we’ve found is to use the PIN pad to, first, lock the door. Then, unlock with the PIN pad.

I’ve done extensive testing and examination of the lock and can’t find any area where the lock is sticking or otherwise impeded by the strike plate or anything else. Additionally, unlocking and locking at other times (manually from the inside or with the phone) works fine in other scenarios. The issue seems limited to the auto-unlock process.

Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated


Just started 2 weeks ago, I started having the same issue, is really annoying as I run work calls on my phone and when that alert hits it silence my call. did you resolve the issue?

I am also experiencing similar issues in last month or so. Don’t know if its a product defect considering its same issue shared by the above folks.

I tried changing the batteries, removed and added the wyze lock again. This allowed the issue to be resolved, or at least it’s working for last 2 days.

I am having the same issue, Mine started when using Rechargeable batteries. I’m not sure this is related. I’m going to change out the batteries with non-rechargeable batteries. I’ll post the results after I do some more testing.

After changing to new batteries like I mentioned in the last post the issue isn’t visible any more, so I guess its just the lock not reporting the correct battery level.

I have changed the batteries to new batteries, removed and added and still get the high pitched noise. Need to dig into this more, I’m going to try and remove again.

Well after uninstalling and re-installing the lock it still makes the high pitch squealing noise. There are times I can’t turn the know as it is stuck. I have put in fresh batteries still nothing. I’m going to ry a d take it apart and clean the insides and lube it. I’ll post my results.

After spend two hours of my life and going through 3 tech support agents. Nothing. I am out of warranty period. Not even a year. This is not the only product I am having issues but the support is basically no help at all. My recommendation is to get something that is of better quality and has a better warranty. Lesson learned.