Lock Bolt Jammed After Unlock

Newly installed Lock Bolt and I can freely move the deadbolt knob open and closed no problem. I can hit the lock button from the outside and it locks fine. I can enter a code and hit the unlock button from the outside and it opens no problem. But then I hear what sounds like a second attempt to fully unlock the bolt then it beeps and all the buttons on the keypad flashes red. On the app it says, “Door lock jammed.” But it’s not. It freely moves. I’ve tried deleting and setting up again with the same issue recurring. When I use the app to unlock, it unlocks but then makes that same sound and flashes red and also complains about the jam. Any suggestions?

That doesn’t sound right. So if I’m understanding correctly the lock works fine, but as soon as it completely locks or unlocks it tries again and then says it jammed?

A little lithium grease may go a long way for your situation. Or maybe graphite lock lubricant. I found that using a dremel to help shape the lock bolt a bit also helped with locking, as it often got stuck just trying to lock.

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