Live View Playback

Is there going to be an app update that will allow users to view video on live view playback? The latest app update does not allow playback.

Confused, as the ‘playback’ button is not live view, but instead a historical view taken from your SD card. Live view is live. Are you having trouble entering SD card playback mode?


The live view recordings are distorted when I try to view them on the app; yes, when I try to play them back.
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That is something outside my experience. You may want to open a support ticket with Wyze:

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I have, but have not gotten a response.

Did you receive a ticket number when you submitted your support request? How long ago did you submit it?

I submitted on Sept. 23rd ticket no. 336656 for one of the submissions.

Hi @corinnamr a few questions to maybe help with diagnostics…
what sd card are you using?
what device are you playing back on?
what os and version on device?
what app version on device?
it worked fine before the app updated? do you know what version it was running before that change?

It might provide some info if you would identify a 1-minute segment that is distorted when you play it back in the app. Then take the card out of the camera and transfer the corresponding 1-minute video file to a computer. Play back that file on the computer and see if it is still distorted. This would tell us if the issue is with playing back over the app or what is getting recorded to the SD card.

The image is viewable with the previous Wyze application, it is the latest Wape updated that is distorting the image. I am using Android S8 and S10+. I can view image on pc, it’s the playback option on newest app update that this is happening with.

I have passed your ticket number along directly to Wyze so they can look into what happened with it. Being the weekend, you shouldn’t expect to hear back until Monday though.

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I can confirm this issue

Haven’t needed to view clips lately, so unsure which version started (presuming @corinnamr running latest PROD)

Viewing same clip via:
prev GOOD (2.4.82) – normal image
latest BETA (2.5.33) – distorted multi-panel

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I can attest this is an issue. Mine has had the same problem for the last 4 to 5 days. Any help would be awsome.

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This new update fixed the problem!


Hi, @corinnamr! We’re happy to hear that the update fixed the problem. As a heads up, I looked into your support ticket and it seems that you had submitted a beta log. Beta logs go directly to the dev team and are not responded to in general. If you would like to get in contact with our support team, please use this form instead:

Support Request Form