Permanent HD Display

That is strange. I set my resolution to HD once and have never had it reset on me.

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Oh? Is there a multi camera view in Wyze? That would be awesome!

Or do you mean multi view in 3rd party app like tiny cam?

I have 500mbps up and down so I assume that’s pretty fast even for multi view?

Anyways I have never got a notification that the camera resolution is changing but it did. Is this a pop up notification?

If you set up a camera group you can rotate into landscape and view 4 cameras at once

Are you just referring to live view? That may be based on your connection. It isn’t recording videos in 360p, is it?

Thanks Jason! This is helpful! Its not as convenient as tinycam where once I open the app it can display 4 cameras at once without further clicking on anything, but this is way better than having to individually click on each camera to view what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Yup, referring to live view of individual camera in Wyze app, Not multi view or recording. Havnt check if recording is in HD or not.

So for live view of individual cam on wyze app the quality may change automatically from HD to SD or 360p?

I’ve never experienced (or even heard of) your situation, so I don’t know under what circumstances your live feed may automatically downgrade resolutions. I can imagine things like a slow network, but you don’t appear to have one of those.

Multi view is always in 360p. Other than that, the camera should not change recording quality modes on its own.

You can set a camera group and rotate them in landscape and view all 4 cameras at a time.

I created a single group of five V2 cams. How does one (a) delete a group, (2) modify the contents such as deleting one or more cams? I have the latest Wyse app version as of 9/27/2019.

In iOS, When viewing the group click on the gear icon.

Click cameras in group to add/remove a camera.
Click delete group to go back to normal view.

Thank you @glmason92. I didn’t see the Settings icon until you mentioned it. Too early in the morning for me! :slight_smile:


Anyone over 40 without 20/20 vision could easily miss any of the Wyze icons. There are quite small.


I have been having the same problem. Cameras automatically switching to 360p.
Although I have never set up groups I believe the problem is related to the camera group setting.
Sometimes when I set a camera back to HD I get a view that looks like the app is trying to display two cameras. I have attached a sample screenshot.

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You are not alone these are related

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Thanks for making the connection. Yes, you’re quite right, the problems are indeed connected. I’m not sure whether I understand what happened, but the pan cam in question was on 360, which I hadn’t noticed, and when I changed it back to SD (which my other three pan cams were on), after it settled down the playback has started behaving itself again. At least for now. So it looks like it may be something to do with unexpected changes in pan cam resolution, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem so far by changing the device back to 360, so I’m not really sure.


There’s multicam view in wyze app

How the heck did you get a 500mbps up and down speed? Are they wired or wireless? How fast is your wired and wireless internet? And how close are they to your router? Do you use any wifi extenders or other access points? THANKS!

Oh beautiful. I never saw that before. I like this much better than swapping back and forth

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