What's up with HD reversion to 360p?

I have been having the 360p problem, that is: My cameras have all been reverting to 360p even though I keep setting them back to HD.
The problem began when I accepted the WYZE Cloud backup trial. The trial ended and now my cameras (at least for now) are staying in the HD mode. But, guess what? Now, my motion detect notifications are not working.
The software app simply sucks. (Programmers may have a different opinion.)

I own three V2s, one Pan, and two Yi Home1080p cameras. They all have their own issues.
I really wanted to love Wyze cams, but, here’s the thing: Both the tinyCam Pro and Yi Home app have features that Wyze app users have wished for. tinyCam Pro and Yi cam have far better zone detection settings. Since tinyCam Pro can do this for hundreds of different cameras, it’s obviously not a hardware problem. tinyCam has Object detection which you can set for a Person, pet, or vehicle. It actually works quite well and eliminates a lot of wind and shadow movement false alarms.

Yi cam provides a much better playback of event footage with no "5 minute cool down periods
A Yi home cam feature that I like is that you can set the camera to record all motion, but only notify you of motion in the detection zone.
Yes, and you can actually review your SD video recordings without removing the card or having a cloud subscription.

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That’s surprising, since from the other thread I thought you were happy with Wyze. Thanks, maybe I’ll check out the Yis; hadn’t heard of them.

Edit: Holy mackeral they’re cheap too.

why start s whole new thread - there’s already at least two in progress

I’m having the same issue - the cams that I have that don’t keep going offline on their own are changing from HD to 360p on their own.