Cameras changing back to HD

Not sure why, but when I sign out of my account or uninstall/reinstall, it changes my settings on the cameras from 360p back to HD. Is there a reason this happens? Are they just caching these settings? All of my other settings seem to stay the same (except battery saver is disabled from my doorbell pro and display of battery percentage is disabled). Is this normal behavior to just bring certain items back to default if you sign out of your account/cache it/uninstall and reinstall?

EDIT: I misunderstood, please see the next couple of comments instead of this one

Yes, if you uninstall and reinstall a device, then everything is reset to factory defaults. This helps ensure if there were any bugs or malfunctions present that everything is resolved by a factory reset.

This is common with most electronics.

If you just log out of your app and log back in but didn’t remove or touch the devices at all, they should normally stay with the same settings. Settings should only reset when you do a factory reset it uninstall/delete them.

@carverofchoice But what if my wife is currently logged in and all I do is uninstall the wyze app on my phone and not reset the devices themselves? Will this mean it’ll reset the settings for both of us? I’m just kind of worried about the settings changing depending on what device is logged in. So in this regard, can you have hd on one phone but 360p on another phone? I guess I kind of understand this for the battery percentage, but power saver mode and video quality shouldn’t change unless the camera is fully reset, in my honest opinion. Also, other things like the detection zone don’t change if I simply uninstall the wyze app and reinstall it.

Oh, you meant uninstall the app, not the device, sorry for my misunderstanding. Ignore my previous statement in that case.

Hmm…that is interesting. I would think that uninstalling and reinstalling the app shouldn’t normally affect the resolution of the stream. I thought that information was stored locally on the camera. So I agree with you that it shouldn’t change things…but you are reporting that if you set it to 360p then remove the app and install it again that it resets the resolution back to HD. It does this with ALL of your devices?

I have heard that technically all the cameras support doing 2 streams at a time. As I recall Apple wanted the second stream to always be at least 720p to be accepted for Homekit, and Wyze could only do the second stream at 360p, so they were denied for Homekit. That being the case, MAYBE which stream the Wyze cam uses is a local app setting instead of camera specific setting.

Now that I think about it, I seem to recall someone else reporting that the resolution sometimes changed. You may have figured out why.

Let me ask if any @Mavens are able to replicate this (I’ll be fairly swamped with work until Wednesday).


Only related issue is WCOs in a group always revert to 360p when exiting the group. Not sure if the app is sending a request to change the resolution when exiting live stream or what the issue is.

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Yeah it’s strange, especially since it’s also changing my power save mode and changing battery percent display to be disabled on my doorbell pro.

@spamoni4 adding him into the conversation too see if he’s had this problem.

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As far as I know, uninstalling and reinstalling will not affect your wife’s streaming. My experience with this is as follows:

When you live stream a camera, it will sample and determine what resolution your camera can stream at. Once determined, it will stay at that stream until the next time you need to stream.

However, some cameras will behave a little differently, which Camera are we talking about and I will test this out ony side.

The normal v2 and v3 camera. It also changed my video doorbell pro battery save and display settings also when uninstalling from enabled to disabled.

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Thanks, I will test on mine shortly and see