Having problems with playback Android 9 Moto Z2 Force

Play back on all my cameras does not work all I get Is what looks like raw video with image at the top and vide data under it. Was working fine before my app updated.

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Restarted cameras and phone, playback is now working.

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Congrats-don’t you love an easy to solve problem!

Yes if it was that easy. It came back.

this is what I see. This is what the the manual recording is.https://global.discourse-cdn.com/wyze/original/2X/b/bfa43777e3a18e58ecb831d04f3b793169c64b2f.mp4

Also changing any of my cameras from 360p to SD or HD in live view gives this result

I assume you have tried force closing your ago and then restarting it and power cycling the cams (as posed to restart from the app) - these are the holy grail of problem solving…
I am not on Android so I can’t be of much IOS specific help. If you don’t get any other responses here I would Open a SupportRequest

Yes, I force closed app, cleared cache, restarted all cameras, and phone. Appears to be an app issue since the cameras still have proper video when manual recording playback just doesn’t display properly in the app.

Update. Turned my WiFi off and everything displays properly so it appears it’s in the way my phone app is optimizing the video for WiFi


How did you view video without wifi? I assume you had recorded /saved before shutting off wifi?

WiFi on my phone, so I was over the cellular network. Cameras were still on my WiFi network, just not my phone.

I too was having the same issue, I reverted to previous Wyze app, now working fine.

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Missed the obvious there. I would definitely open a Support Request so they know about this bug. In the ínterim do like @corinnamr did and go back to previous app version.
I assume from your post heading you are on Android -I’m IOS but I believe it is possible for Android only Here.