List of Max SD card size by Camera Type

I have a mix of cameras (outdoor, v2, v3, v3 pro) and from what I understand capacities have improved with firmware updates.

Is there a list with the current max size SD cards by camera type?

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I don’t have anything official, but I have 256GB cards in one each of those three camera types. Appears to be working.


Someone could make or find one, but a problem is that the official sizes do NOT match what people have achieved in practice.

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Check this Wyze post:

I am using 256 GB High Endurance cards in all my cams. There have been posts of users with 512GB and even 1TB cards.

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Thanks for all the responses. I want to have a minimum of 7 days of continuous recording on all device, so I’m trying 128GB U3, V30, A1 cards in the v2 and v3’s and a 256GB U3, V30, A1 cards in the v3 Pros.

For seven days, 128 GB is more than plenty. Until very recently very recently, I have put 64GB cards in all of my cameras. Depending on the camera, I get around a week (give or take a day or so).

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My 256GB High Endurance cards record 24\7 in HD on Cam V3, PanV1, PanV3, and get 21 to 28 days record time. V3Pro is getting 31 days in 2K (which is odd) and OG in HD is about 30 days as well.

@K6CCC & @SlabSlayer thanks for the input… I’ll have to recheck my numbers. I thought I was getting just under 6 days of continuous recordings on 64GB with my V2 & v3 cams. I assumed that the v3 Pro would require double the space because of the higher resolution but it looks like I’m getting close to 4hrs per GB (which would be close to 38 days on a 256GB card),

I know, right? I assumed the same. It appears that the compression being used by the V3Pro Firmware for the 2K video is crushing it hard. Either that or it is actually recording it in 360p and we just don’t realize it. There isn’t a resolution indicator on the SD Video, so who knows. :man_shrugging:

I uploaded clips from the v3 Pro to my laptop and they are 2560x1440 whereas the standard v3 and v2 are both 1920x1080… so it’s gotta be a different and much better compression.

I’m running a little test and it appears that the v3 Pro uses less storage for 2k video than the v3/v2’s use for 1080 HD video.

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So the clips being pulled from the SD card are 2K. :thinking: That has got to be some serious compression.

What difference did you see between the file sizes of the 1m MP4 files on the different cams?

That’s the incredible part. When I first fielded my V3Pro, I compared the file sizes. The V3 was generally in the 5.5MB per HD minute file whereas the V3Pro was 14-17MB per 2K minute. Doing the math, at that file size, I would need a 700GB card to just barely hold 30 days of video.

Very interesting indeed.