Lighting storm setting off events

Big thunderstorm came through last night and set off a lot of events on my Wyze v3 camera. Any setting I can change to avoid that?

What type of events? Cameras will undoubtedly detect and notify for motion, which is probably unavoidable with this. Only other possibility would be to reorient the camera away from the storms. If using CamPlus or CamPlus Lite you can set notifications on the camera to person but you will still get events for motion. There isn’t any setting to detect and prevent light changes from triggering events.

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I have 2 Shortcuts and 2 Rules.


  • Motion Detection off, all cameras
  • Motion Detection on, all cameras


  • Motion Detection on, all cameras, every day at Sunrise
  • Motion Detection on, all cameras, every day at Sunset

The shortcuts are in case there is a super stormy day or night (leaves blowing, lightening, etc). I can turn all captures and notifications off with 1 press of a shortcut. SD cards still record.

When things calm down I press the other shortcut to turn detections back on. If I forget, they automatically come back at sunrise and sunset. :slight_smile:


There is a setting to change


I kill me.


I am curious why you turn off motion detection completely on the cameras instead of just muting the notifications during the storm? That way your cameras would still record events and detect if there are people, and you could simply filter for person detection after it’s over or review them if needed.

I guess your SD card would still record everything…and stopping motion detection would keep the cameras from constantly using up all the bandwidth on your internet?


That’s another good option, just to turn notifications off, and let clips record. Things are pretty quiet here though, and I keep my SD card recording. Most bad guys shelter in place during a storm anyway. :slight_smile:


When I was in high school, some kids broke into my 68 Camaro and trashed the dash getting the stereo out. They did it in a pouring down thunderstorm.

That’s because an 8 Track would still work after getting wet… Not today’s infotainment systems. :grin:

here is list I got lots of triggering

  1. head lights. 8driver make u turns, neighbor come and go
  2. snow storm
  3. high wind
  4. squirrels / bunnies
  5. falling leaves
  6. blowing leaves

Morning fog rolling in
Bugs investigating the IR
Shadows from trees blowing