Weather algorithm

  1. I wish there was some type of weather algorithm to ignore thunderstorms so that my cameras do no send notifications constantly for lighting and thunder.

  2. Would like to have a notification for “rain detected, lightning detected, or snow detected etc notifications.

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Interesting idea @jim.olson93, how about using the detection zone or dialing down the sensitivity? I know this isn’t always the solution.
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So this morning had a thunderstorm and My new V3 cam kept sending notifications that there was a car in my driveway. YES there was a car, my car, Parked in my driveway. Every time there was a lighting flash it would say car detected. And i have my setting turned down to 32 on detection of movement, so a tree branch that is nearby doesn’t trip it when the wind moves it into the detection zone that is set up. Is there anyway to make the app/ wyze ai to detect that it is lighting and not trip the alerts? Talked with a tech and he said i can turn off the notifications, What good is that if someone was out on my property during the storm? or something else happens during that time that i need to get a notification?

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Stop notifications for rain and snow on Pancam v3

Please reduce notifications for rain and snow detection for outdoor pancam. When it snows or rains I get repeated notifications. Adjusted sensitivity to 25% but did not help.