Rain triggering notification

I tried everything to not have my camera get triggered by the rain. Is there something I am missing or do I have to live with it

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Which Camera are you experiencing the issue with? Also, do you have Cam Plus?

V3 and yes I have cam Plus


So I have mine setup to do all motion in Event recording. But in Notifications, I am only notifying on Person, Pet, and Package.

This eliminates the erroneous notifications, but still captures everything.

I am on Firmware version: which seems to be the latest Firmware. Looking at it closer, it looks like it was paused.

I mention the FW because I am not sure when the Notifications options changed and allowed you to pick what you would like to be notified of.

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I agree, I get motion detection from rain a lot. It would be great if we could get rain detection in AI. I don’t see that option when submitting videos for AI learning.

If you send it to person notification you should not get a notification for rain unless it’s a bad storm winds are very high blowing trees around then yes you might get something but on a normal day you will not get a notification if it’s raining I have 13 cameras and never get notifications for rain I will get motion in my event window but never notified