Rain triggering notification

I tried everything to not have my camera get triggered by the rain. Is there something I am missing or do I have to live with it

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Which Camera are you experiencing the issue with? Also, do you have Cam Plus?

V3 and yes I have cam Plus


So I have mine setup to do all motion in Event recording. But in Notifications, I am only notifying on Person, Pet, and Package.

This eliminates the erroneous notifications, but still captures everything.

I am on Firmware version: which seems to be the latest Firmware. Looking at it closer, it looks like it was paused.

I mention the FW because I am not sure when the Notifications options changed and allowed you to pick what you would like to be notified of.


I agree, I get motion detection from rain a lot. It would be great if we could get rain detection in AI. I don’t see that option when submitting videos for AI learning.


If you send it to person notification you should not get a notification for rain unless it’s a bad storm winds are very high blowing trees around then yes you might get something but on a normal day you will not get a notification if it’s raining I have 13 cameras and never get notifications for rain I will get motion in my event window but never notified

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Since the cameras don’t use PIR for motion sensing, any change in light will trigger a recording, like rain. But on a good note these cameras can be used behind windows to sense motion, unlike cameras with PIR because they sense temperature differentials and glass would block it.


Rain, birds, deer, foxes, etc. it would be nice to have a “ wildlife” choice and rain choice to help teach the AI


It’s difficult enough for any AI to know the difference between rain and flying bugs or dust. I seriously doubt Wyze’s sub par AI will ever be able to distinguish the differences.

All my outside cameras are set at 50% and they are set for person only I live in Florida and you know what kind of storms we get here never have any problems.

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