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Very novice 1st time user of Cam Pan V3 and have so much to lear but wonder why on the AI subjects to pick from why ‘rain’ is not one, my camera labels it as crying or breaking glass… Also why there is only a pet option, not wildlife. Since setting my camera up couple days I now have raccoons, possums as pets (hope to add fox & coyote to my pet list) lol. Not a big deal just wanted to post my 1st topic.

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Hey voodoovicki

Maybe a single one for Downpour? That might be practical to identify - and least useful because you’d likely notice it anyway sans tech. Think of all the subtle grades of rain and the varied terrain it falls upon. But if you were away, being notified of a downpour at home could be useful, I guess.

Someone here might say, ‘Hygroscopic rain sensor,’ Someone here might say most anything and they may very well be right. :wink:

How about Predator and Prey - those with eyes oriented forward vs laterally (respectively.) But that wouldn’t work because predator pets are often prey to wild predators. :man_shrugging:

See, that’s why the offerings are limited. It’s too hard. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome peep-peep, I know it would not be feasible to give an option for every single happening’s in my backyard. Figure there is a better chance to have rain in my yard than crying but I know its not ‘all about me’ lol. After a full night of rain I woke up to 50 events of either crying or glass breaking which I knew neither were true. I have been overwhelmed going thru the forum to find out what I’m doing wrong on getting events every couple of minutes (sometimes seconds) then none when there is activity in my yard I wanted to see i.e. Cooper’s Hawk eating meat scraps, momma fox etc. that I just wanted to test the water with forums.

I am a work in progress with figuring this new toy out but know I will with the help of the forum.

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Yeah, this is a great resource, I started here and stayed here, wouldn’t have gotten far without it. I coped with the complexity by limiting myself to a single camera model. After I had a handle on it, I added bulbs and plugs (not as complex) and only then tackled Rules (can be complex) to coordinate automations between them.

Here’s a couple short threads where @SlabSlayer covers the fundamentals:

This one was even started by a Pan v3 owner:

If you find someone’s postings particularly useful, you can browse or search their profile for content, or use the general forum search function and add their ‘tag’ (eg @SlabSlayer ) to your search terms to limit results to their content.

Ask away as you progress, folks here are pretty informed and responsive. :slight_smile:

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P.S. Upon rereading my first comment I can see where the tone can be seen as a bit dickish. It wasn’t meant to be, and it certainly wasn’t directed at you, I was just noodling, in my mind helping you to ‘break-in’ your first topic.

I do have a bias against over-detection and over-categorization and a little ‘edge’ may have creeped in from that source as I let myself write ‘freely.’ Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

A rain tag would be pretty cool actually, though at the moment the ai will notify you if any of your enabled tags are there, and it’s not possible to ignore events if they have a certain tag (eg rain). Wyze has been collecting data (when users choose to submit it manually) about wind, insects, trees waving, and a few others for quite some time, so maybe they plan to add ways for the AI to ignore these events?

If you are getting lots of false detections for glass breaking and other things you don’t really need, you can disable them in event recording or notification settings.

The audio AI is not as good as the video one because some of the cameras have not so great mics, and wind noise plus rain can really distort then even more.

Lots of people have suggested a separate animal tag, though it could be hard for them to draw the line between pet and animal, and it would be an endless debate on some of them. For now “pet” is any animal.

If you want you can try disable motion only notifications or events, so it’s just smart detection. This should eliminate the rain events (unless false tags are causing the problem).

Also, I encourage you to submit the incorrectly tagged event videos, and deselect the glass breaking and other tags that shouldn’t be there. This really does make a difference to the AI, though it does take a while to make a noticeable change. It helps train the AI that everyone uses.

Good luck!

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