Wyze IA detection event tag

  1. There is no bird detection and we have at lot of bird on the outside cam and many time we get detection from Black bird where cam say it is a person .
  2. Rain and show flake detection could allso be an a god tag event to have in IA
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Birds are usually tagged as Pet in my cams if they are large enough for the motion detection threshold. Almost all animals of the domestic and wild variety get the Pet tag.

It is possible that the Bird isn’t the object being tagged. It may be the object that provides the motion to activate the motion detection and upload a video, but it is possible that there is a non-moving object somewhere in the active frame that the AI bots are confusing as the outline, shape, or shadow of a person.

The AI has never tagged any bird as a Pet or anything, in videos my cameras recorded. More labels will just be more that don’t work.

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The tagging of AI content has gotten better over time.
I do submit videos often. maybe 10 a day that are wrong. It’s learning and getting better over the past year. All i care about is person detection - any human on my property when I’m not there. Pets aren’t a concern. Trees are annoying. So many other tags. Grateful to see the Person one improving.


I disagree that the AI content has gotten better over time. For me recently it has gotten worse. I’m probably submitting 20-50 a day that are either tagged incorrectly or not tagged at all. And I really don’t understand why it’s still tagging parked vehicles, I certainly don’t care about a parked car. I only care about what is moving.

Also, on the Events page it shows a heading for Person, Motion and Cameras. So any recording will show only Person or Motion, at a specific recorded time. Was this by design? I mean why when it records a vehicle and you tap the Yes to tell Wyze what is in the video at times it does tag it as a vehicle but doesn’t show Vehicle at the top heading, instead it just shows it as Motion.

Hmmm – there are filters buried at the bottom of the devices drop down on the right. Only recently found them.

Yes. There are filters that can be set in the Events page (funnel button) that will make the blue Vehicle, Pet, and Package Quick Filter buttons in the banner persistent so that those show in the Events List. However if they are disabled, they are no longer persistent.

However, when viewing an event video that is AI tagged Person, the header of the video shows as “Person at [time]”. When viewing a Vehicle, Pet, Package, or Motion Event video, the header for all of these shows “Motion at [time]”.

While viewing the video, there is no way to know what tag was applied. This is exacerbated when scrolling thru videos by swiping left and right in the video player UI. There is no way to see what the tag is unless you go to the end of the video, share the feedback w\ Wyze, and press “View Detection Results from Wyze AI”.

This has been pointed out in the past and remains a significant deficit of the UI.

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Well I never noticed this…

When I filter on person, and I watch a video, I assume it is the person video I requested.

I guess there have been some times it has been wrong.