Cam + tags everything that moves, person, pet or vehicle

ok so why is it that everything that moves is tagged as a person, vehicle, or pet. This has been an ongoing issue, but last couple days seems to be worse.
A tree branch moves, thats a person. the bush next to my driveway moves with the wind, thats a person and a vehicle. a leaf blows past, thats a pet. sun goes behind a cloud, well who knows its tagged as person, pet and vehicle. I subscribe to this to eliminate all the “motion” alerts and just want actual notification if a person, vehicle, or pet is roaming around my yard or house. plus, I have automations that happen when a person is spotted, like outside lights turning on, witch most were on and off all last night. starting to consider giving up on this altogether.

Sorry about this, can you send some event videos that were incorrect tagged. Thanks!

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I regularly do this in the in the app. help us improve AI by sharing this one video with wyze. how do I get them to attach to this

We don’t have access to those videos for privacy reasons, but if you could just hit the download button on the event video and upload it here that would work!

ok I can do that. How many you want. Seems like been getting 20 or more hour today as it is a little breezy out. lol. I will upload a few here later today. I’ll pick out some of the obvious ones.

Yes just a few is fine. And caption them with what tags the AI gave them

lol ok was kinda joking on the number I would upload. but ok I will do later this evening.

ok sorry for the delay in posting couple vids. but the app was not playing well and I have to use my work pc to upload these

this one was tagged as a person

this one was tagged as person and vehicle.

this was tagged person

and this one was vehicle, person, pet

This last one i had just turned vehicle detection back on to see if they had fixed it. i see they have not. anything here that moves is tagged as vehicle if i have that turned on. Its my driveway so i know there are vehicles in it, what i want to know is if a new one pulls in or one of these leave. but it does not work like that.

Currently the AI tags anything in the detection zone, but they are working on moving vehicle detection. For the other stuff, I think it is detecting your Halloween decorations as person or pet, does it always do this, even without those decorations?

For now, you can exclude the parking spot and the Halloween decorations from your detection zone, so you will still get notifications when a car drives into the parking spot, but not when it’s parked there.

as far as the decorations causing the person/pet tags that usually happens anyway, but it would be one of the bushes moving from the wind or shadow or something. it has always been bad on windy days and nights. it is annoying that i have outside lights triggered from person detection to minimize the annoying notifications and lights coming on, but that doesn’t seem to happen. As far as the driveway goes I have given up on vehicle detection, I just shut it off. Does not seem to matter if i set up a zone where no vehicles are sitting or not. still tags as vehicle no matter what moves if there is a vehicle in view of camera. this happens on all the cams. V2 and V3. hope they fix it. im going to continue to play with sensitivity and see if i can find a compromise setting to work for me. but open to try any ideas.