Beyond Frustrated with Camera AI Detection!

The AI detection just doesn’t seem to be working very much. I have a V3 camera that now never identifies people or pets and another V3 that gets a lot of insect traffic, yet never labels any recording as insects. Yes, they are set up correctly, Yes, I have rebooted the cameras numerous times. Yes, I have submitted the recordings to Wyze with the correct labels, of which there have been hundreds so far. The AI simply doesn’t work and is a joke!

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have you tried filtering only on, say, a person in the events tab at the bottom?
Have you tagged known people in the UI, and been able to filter on just a specific person?
You are saying that your AI doesn’t detect people at all, and you are paying for the capability, and your camera supports it?

I get a lot of alerts for rain, cats, raccoons, spiders & their webs…but I also get plenty for cars and people and trees swaying in the wind.

The most useful for me is the people filter, that way I only get push notifications when a person is detected vs. any motion.

I don’t use any filter because I want to know about every recording. And since it’s not labeling people filtering for a person would do nothing. Yes, I am paying for this feature and all my camera’s support it.

One thing I should add, I also have a grid setup on some of the camera’s, which shouldn’t make a difference. As is should only be identifying what’s within the grid.

By ‘grid’ you mean a detection zone?

Do you get different results when you turn off a detection zone on a device?

Pick a single device and test if you have not.

I have been able to get a detection zone to work on a device before without issue. I have since moved that camera and no longer need detection zones.

I can say that a detection zone was good at reducing the amount of motion alerts I was getting.

If it was windy there would be a tree that would blow outside. Those palmtrees can sway pretty far, and sometimes – even with the detection zone – they would sway into its field of vision, and I would get an alert. I repositioned the camera to prevent that.

Anyway, I don’t know – maybe with a detection zone on the person/AI stuff doesn’t work? I don’t know – look it up maybe.

Yes, I meant the grid detection zone. I have not tried it with the grid off because I don’t want a ton of notifications and recordings. I would literally get hundreds. Look, the grid detection zone AI used to work, not great but it did identify some things correctly, mostly parked vehicles.

You answer to me is that you don’t know and I should look it up? Well lets see, I did look it up prior to making my post about it. But it’s very annoying when someone replies to a post and doesn’t have answer…how about just not replying to the post?!

well, I don’t work for Wyze, this is a community forum, and I suggested you try something that you are refusing to try - turning off the ai detection zone - which is what I did. Try it for 24 hours. See if you get accurate cam plus detections, then turn back on the detection zone to reduce the alerts. Worth a shot - you’ve already invested your money and your time.

I use the zone to prevent notifications from a moving tree, not cars or lots of people like you are.

I confess I have a camera pointing at the street, and every morning cars go by and people exercising go by and people walking their dogs go by and skateboarders and bike riders, too. I turn off notifications, but record the events. I’d love fewer events, but I use the filtering of the events to ‘people’ to just see people events. I’m recording more than I want to? Sure. But nothing says I have to view every event that has motion - just the people one.

My guess is that many people use it the same way @Resist - perhaps the detection zone isn’t big enough or takes too many resources to do both filter events that are outside your detection zone AND identify people or pets or whatever. Just a thought.

Should also add I have a ring device that has a detection zone. it does good at not recording events that aren’t within my detection zone. HOWEVER, it sucks at capturing just ‘People’ AI events. I get cars, I get trash trucks, I get pets, I get wild animals - the Ring AI is far worse, but the detection zone is better IMHO.

And yes, I get 300+ recordings a day with the detection zone on Wyze shut off just on ONE camera, but the filter for ‘People’ reduces this by 200+ events a day per camera. Better to record more than not have enough.

Neighbor kids had a party when mom and dad went out of town. Unfortunately, some punks came by and stabbed someone in the street. My videos captured it for the police. Within 24 hours I installed 3 more cameras. Criminals caught, and victim (neighbor) is fine now.

By AI Detection Zone do you mean the Event Recording Smart Detection settings, where I can toggle the object detections? Or do you mean the that actual Dectetion Zone grids?

And yes, I could filter for just People if that’s all I wanted to see but as I’ve said it’s not detecting People or Vehicles or Pets or Insects. It just seems to be detecting motion of any kind and yes Detects Motion is toggled on.

Sorry I came off a bit rough, my frustration isn’t with you, it’s with Wyze.

Appreciate you clarifying, thanks. Actual detection zone grid. Turn it off, test, and report back.

I tried turning off AI detection for 24 hours and it made no difference. I’m not sure why it would have changed anything. Have you heard if doing this resets something?

I think what you are saying is that with detection zone on and detection zone off, and with there being things/people moving in front of your camera, you get event recordings and you get notifications, but the AI feature is not capturing anything and auto-tagging it at all or correctly.

Am I correct?

Are you certain that you are on cam plus or cam protect or another cam+ type service that is offered (I don’t know all the options)?

How far away are the subjects – like people – from the camera that are being recorded?

For example, when the trash truck goes by, I get a motion alert, not a vehicle alert. I think it is because of two reasons:

1 - the truck is behind a wall and only the top 1/3 of the truck is visible to the camera and
2 - the truck is 40 feet away from the camera

To be fair, the method is way different. The ai doesn’t scrub all available cameras to find an instagram photo, it does the opposite, he records open cameras, then takes the photos tagged at the location, and uses AI to scrub the footage. Still weird, less stalkery though.

Yes, the AI is server-side from what I understand. The event video must be in the Wyze cloud to be processed for AI. I don’t know how fast it is. I don’t know if it works on all video lengths. I don’t know if when there is a person, a pet, and a vehicle in the same 1 minute video that all 3 get tagged, or just the Person. I really don’t know.

Yes, as I have kept saying the AI doesn’t tag the video correctly often not at all.

Yes, I am certain all my cameras are on Cam+.

Most of the AI faults have been with subjects not far away, close enough that the motion detection square highlights them. And the vehicles that it has missed were never blocked by anything and plainly seen. The same with people and pets, oh and insects.

The AI is broke, or I should say never worked as advertised and what I am paying for.

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I have a v3 camera with cam+ and at first it detected whatever I have enabled in the app settings for the camera: Tap on camera - settings - event recording - smart detection. I have person detection enabled only because I don’t want to trigger on everything. However, recently it triggers on any motion: person, car, insect, garage door, lighting change, etc… I thought that was normal behavior. Only had the camera for about a month now. It is in the garage, and so no wind, trees, etc. I’ll be honest, I am not all that impressed with the camera, but wanted to try it because the advertising made it look like something out of an 20/20 documentary on AI. I don’t have any plans to renew the subscription when it expires because I have resolved to it just being another dumb camera, and it can record to the local SD card which is good enough for me. Maybe you should do the same.

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Again I wonder if taking your camera, giving it to someone else with a cam+ unlimited subscription (which I have - $100 for unlimited devices), have them add the device and configure the event recordings and notifications, and report back their findings would help.

That would separate the issue from it being the device vs. the account settings/issues.

I sometimes get the trash truck go by listed as a person, but that is only 4x a week, so I look over it. Also the video preview in the events list I can see it is the garbage truck so I have learned to ignore it in the list.

Honestly when I review videos – about 4x a week – I start by removing all filters, add just the person filter in, scroll to the bottom over and over again, start watching and at the end swipe left to go to the next newer one until the end of the day. Really a waste of my time.

I don’t know anyone that has Wyze cameras near me, so that isn’t an option. But I honestly believe the issue is the software. In the past I used to have so many issues with cameras not responding, even though they were near my home WiFi. Then I’d have to go unplug them to reboot, which was a huge issue if I were out of town. When the cameras didn’t respond all kinds of thing go through your head when you aren’t home, like did a criminal break in and disable the camera or is my house on fire. I have since added a smart plug to a few of them so I can reboot remotely.

I would think that if they stop connecting to the internet after a set period of time like 4 hours they would reboot themselves and try again.

The Wyze AI has been a joke since it’s inception. I just got an alert of a person on one of my cameras. It was a leaf on a bush. This weekend, another camera was constantly alerting me of a vehicle. I’m talking every 3-5 minutes. It was my stationary, parked tractor. At night, my pan cam loves to alert me of a pet. I go to look and it’s always a pine tree that is about a foot away from the cam. Not moving at all, just pans to the truck of the tree and calls it a “pet”. Rain has always been an issue with all of my cameras, along with insects, and shadows, At this point, the AI alerts are essentially “the boy who cried wolf”. I don’t even bother to look anymore. I’ve tried everything in the settings, so it’s not on my end.
It’s just bad tech. Total waste of money on a subscription and I will not renew my Cam+ when it expires.

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The cameras don’t reboot themselves, they don’t have that ability.