Is there any way to ignore lightning strikes?

I live in Florida where thunderstorms are common. If a storm happens at night, the following morning my Wyze app is filled with Event videos of lightning from all of my cameras. There is no motion, just a flash of light through the windows.


  1. Is it possible for to Wyze to add an “ignore lightning” option?
  2. Please add a feature to allow me to select multiple Event videos so I can delete them all at once.
  3. Please add an option to automatically delete those same Event videos from my phone if they are deleted from the app. Right now, my phone “gallery” is filling up with Event videos. I only want the Event videos to reside in the app, not to be saved to my phone, unless I specifically choose to save a copy.

Please advise, thanks!

Im in Ohio, so when I wake up I have endless notifications that events happened- I open up to find that these events are snowflakes blowing past the cam.

I will trade you my snowflakes for your lighting.

*Sorry, I have no real remedy … I just really hate the snow but have 20+ years before I can retire and move.

Sort of defeats the purpose for in-home security, but I ended up setting up the cameras to not send notifications. Shortcut Off Notification for in-house cam. For cam pointed out the window, Event Recording Schedule for no notification during the night. I like to :sleeping:. Birds, sunrise, some snowflakes are an issue with “false” events during the day.

Being in the country, the dust is my problem.

I get bird alerts all day long, however 20ft farther back from where the birds like to hang out during the day, is where my deer like to hang out at night and the deer fail to trigger the alerts every night almost- but I see them out my windows so I know they are there.

I use IFTTT to mute notifications from 11pm to 5am, but have indoors cams that send notifications to Alexa- so I am still 1/2 secure.

  1. For this issue, there is a #roadmap topic that you can vote for (link below). Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:
  1. There already is a method to delete events en-mass. On the Events screen, tap the three dot icon (…), then Delete Events. Next tap Select All, then Delete. The only limitation is that you can only do one date at a time. Also, before Select All, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to be sure the event index for that date is completely loaded.

  2. Are you on Android? This has been an issue. I’m on iOS, so I have no direct knowledge. But if you search the forum (magnifying glass icon top of this page) for “Android Gallery” you will find several topics discussing this and possibly some solutions.

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