How to set up wyze camera so that I don't get notifications, but still save the events,

how to set up wyze camera so that I don’t get notifications, but still save the events, Currently I can only figure out how to get all or none, I would like my door and motion alarms to send a notification, but the cameras to capture the event but not send an alarm. This is because I get so many false alarms from the cameras. If the motion triggers and sends an alarm, I can then check the camera.

You have a couple of options if you want No notifications:

  1. Tap the Bell at the top right of the app. This will put zzz across it which will mute all notifications
  2. Live stream each device you don’t want notifications from, tap on the Gear in the top right, then go to Events, make sure you have (at least) Detects Motion) as this will record Events. Then go to Notifications and turn off all check boxes. This will allow the events to be recorded, but you will not receive any notifications.

Note: you can also put an SD Card in and then set that up for continuous or event recording so that it will reside on the SD Card as well as the cloud.

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But I want to get them from the motion sensors and the door sensors. just not the cameras. If I tap the bell, won’t it silence all devices?

Ok, then do not do the Option 1. Only do Option 2 for the Cameras. Turn off Notifications but make sure you have Detects Motion turned on for events.

Thanks !

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