Wyze video doorbell event recording and notification help


I have two wyze video doorbells and i really like them.

The problem I have is i only want them to record wyze ai events and not any motion.

When i go into settings/event recording for the doorbell i have the option to select motion and then under that cam plus (which I have) for ai events.

If i turn off motion but keep the ai events selected I don’t get any notifications or event recordings. If i turn on motion and ai events i get notifications and recording of every motion including trees moving from wind.

I only want notifications and event recording for wyze ai events but with the settings that are available have been unable to achieve this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Sorry, the Video Doorbell Firmware has not been updated with the ability to set Event Recordings only for Smart AI Detection events like you can do it some of the other cams. If Motion Detection is on in Event Recording, all motion videos are uploaded. If this is off, all motion video uploads are off.

I want the same thing you do, just the AI Event Videos. This is what I do:

  • Event Recording, Motion Detection enabled, Smart AI types enabled.
  • In Notifications, disable Detects Any Other Motion so I am not bothered by non-AI motion events.
  • In the Events Tab, Filter Management (funnel icon), I only enable the cams I want to see and the event types I want to see. I leave Motion disabled.

Thanks for your response!!

I had everything set as you mentioned except for the events tab motion option.
I changed that and i’ll see if it makes a difference.

Hope wyze updates the firmware soon!

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