Video doorbell only record if button is pressed

Doorbell seems to only record event if button is pressed. Need help setting up so that if it detects motion it will record event

What are your current camera settings? What are your event recording settings? What view does your camera have? Do you have any cloud services on the camera?More info about your current setup will help with the troubleshooting.

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First, make sure your firmware is up to date.

To get Event Uploads when your doorbell senses motion, the Motion Detection toggle in Event Recording settings needs to be enabled.

To get Push Notifications to your phone when this Motion Event upload occurs, the Notifications toggle and the Detects Any Other Motion toggle needs to be enabled in the Notifications settings.

If you have the cam assigned to a Cam Plus subscription, you can also set the cam to upload and tag specific AI events. These are in the Smart Detections settings of Events Recording:

You can also toggle on the Push Notifications for the Smart Detection uploaded AI Tagged Events in the Notification settings:

Note that if you only want to be notified of Wyze AI tagged Smart Detection Events and not every tree waving or leaf blowing, like I do; you can toggle on the AI notifications and toggle off the simple Any Other Motion toggle.