How do I minimize alerts from shadows

I currently have 2 V3, one at my front door and one over the garage. How do I stop or minimize the notifications from the camera alerting on shadows? This happens both day and night. I have tried changing the sensitivity but have ultimately turned off notifications due to the amount that I get each day which is not useful.

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Do you have CamPlus? If you do, you can turn off All other motion Events in the Notification area and just leave on Wyze AI Events. In Events Recording, you would leave Detects Motion on, and then under Smart Detection, you can toggle on which events you are interested in: Person, Pet, etc.

If you don’t:

  • you could try to utilize zones and exclude the area’s of concern
  • you could turn off notifications all together, which you have, but put an SD Card in the camera and select continuous recording. This will at least allow you to capture everything, in the camera’s vicinity.

I use a PIR motion sensor in difficult positions. You can actually turn motion capture off at the camera and let the separate PIR motion sensor trigger it.


I have the 14 day trial to try it out. I turned off motion and left the person and vehicle detection on. Thanks for your help.

You’re also in luck because they just added a Lite tier that you can get for free. It includes person detection.

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