False Notification from Shadows

Hi, I get so many false alarms I turn it off, seems useless to me unless its indoors, I have tried moving settings around with no luck. I thought I had it set to sense people only, but it didnt work.
any help would be great…

The key is to turn off regular motion alerts / notifications but leave those person alerts / notifications on. Then you won’t be bothered. You can also filter the resulting events to show only person events.


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@Customer is 100% on the bullseye! That is what I do as well. I let the cam record all the motion events it wants to the cloud, I just don’t let the app send me those notifications and I have all the motion only events filtered out in the Events tab.

The only caveat to that is that you have to be on CamPlus Light or higher to make use of that as the basic plan has no Smart AI detection (except the doorbells).

Some other useful adjustments that may help are reducing the sensitivity and employing detection zones.