Reduce motion alerts for leaves, insects, shadows, etc natively on Cam v3

I’m trying to use reduced motion and sound detection, as well as detection area settings. However, I cannot avoid motion alerts from insects, leaves, shadows, etc, Is it possible to slightly improve the native camera and app ability to reduce the 40 - 50 alerts I get each day?

In Notifications of each camera, you can select what AI Notification you want. I only select Persons, so all other Motion is still recorded but I only get notified if the AI detects a Person.

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As @StevenA indicated, you can limit your notifications for Smart Detection AI tags… If you have a Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite subscription.

However, without that subscription, the only way to limit the number of Motion Activations, Uploads, and Notifications for simple Motion Events would be to reduce the Sensitivity and use Detection Zones to block out high movement areas. The Placement of the cam is the most important. Pointing it toward constant motion is an invitation for a hyperactive cam.

If you are experiencing a lot of these Motion Events at night in IR Night Vision with the IR Lights on, it helps to install an IR Floodlight away from the cam and turn off the IR Lights in the cam.

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Thank-you both. I was hoping to improve/reduce alerts without the subscription. I’ve been using the sensitivity settings and detection zones, however, they seem ineffective. I use them in the garage, front door, and a covered porch. In all 3 locations, the cameras are not useful. Without the subscription and even at low sensitivity settings, insects, snowflakes, leafs etc… are causing too many false alarms. I’ve basically determined that without the subscription, I’m better off buying a slightly more expensive camera with built-in software to better detect desired alerts.

If you have Wyze v3 and Outdoor v1 or v2 cameras they will work on CamPlus Lite. You can name the price you want to pay including Zero dollars. Cam Plus Lite will let you filter Notifications for Persons only if that is what you want.

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