Lazy Frog we need a new Poll!

Where is that lazy @peepeep
Wake up froggy and make a new Poll of the most pressing WYZE issues.

I say #1 should be people not being able to view their cams except when they are on their own Wi-Fi should be a BIG #1 even though I don’t have the issue.
#2 should be the no playback of the SD from events page and the grayed out playback button for some.
#3 should be the unwanted one minute cooldown period on the WCO v1 and v2 even though no cooldown period is set. People have been paying for Cam Plus on the cams since November 2023 and the 1 min. cooldown screws up all the event recordings. Especially the :raccoon: videos.
Add to the list as you see fit.

As long as the Mr. Fancy Pants videos aren’t affected, then it’s moderately okay.

I’d say a HUGE issue lately happens to be all the people who have HMS not reconnecting on it’s own after any loss of connection. Big pain lately. Thankfully, a soft restart fixes most of the issues, but not all of them.

You don’t wanna die a poll virgin do ya? Get busy! :wink:

MFP showed up at 16:30 yesterday and was around all night and into this morning at 06:03. :face_holding_back_tears:

I’ll make one!

Which are your favorite @Antonius regular visitors?

  • Cool, Cuddly, Fluffy Mr Fancy Pants in a 24/7 Tuxedo who everyone loves
  • Rodents roaming his property
  • Disease carrying, property damaging, garden destroying ugly giant-rat-looking opposums
  • Disease carrying, dangerous, no good garbage thieves with 24/7 masks
  • Other
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The above options are as unbiased and neutrally worded as possible.

If we remove “i” and “t” - IT, the most notorious obfuscator and manipulator on the planet - we’re left with:

The above options are as unbased and neurally worded as possible.

Quite possibly somewhat closer to some transitory ‘truth.’ :slight_smile:


At least Felix had a Magic bag of tricks. MFP is just a typical freeloader that is trying to monopolize the water container. :upside_down_face: