Latest App update has another mistake!

I thought I’d chime-in here with another real-world case for bringing back the rewind in live events functionality.

Just last night my wife and I were wakened by Alex (the name I have given the male voice version of Alexa) that a person had been detected outside a daylight basement window, where there normally shouldn’t ever be a person. I was frantically refreshing the Events screen, waiting for the event to stop recording so I could see what triggered the event. The camera didn’t show anything of interest during the remaining “live” phase of the event, which lasted 4 min, 41 sec!

Turned out that the garage lights of a house some distance away was flickering a bit as a result of a tree branch blowing in the wind. Apparently, Wyze’s AI interpreted this to be a person. I then remembered that I had recently turned off zone detection for all my v3 cameras because of the new bug where AI detections no longer work with zone detection turned on. The trees which triggered this false detection would have normally been masked and prevented this event from occurring in the first place.

If Wyze is trying to make people believe that they are a security company (depending on what you read), this recent event is a prime example of how broken it is.

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Yep - been there numerous times every night!

Your experience could easily have been a stranger lurking around your house and you have to wait nearly 5 minutes before you know for sure. Not like any security system I have ever known.

Wyze seem to want to ignore the real world and how fast incidents happen. The lag while the recording finishes is just not acceptable.


This is an issue that all of us need to take directly into the next Fix-it Friday posting to get visibility. There should be one coming out next week.


Yes, please bring it up in fix it Friday, and remember to vote on the wishlist post.

What bug are you talking about ai not working with detection zones? I’m not aware of this, are you sure Wyze is aware of it?

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Is there a link to it - I looked for it and found a very long thread - is it’s just one thread for all dates or separate ones for each date?

Several discussions going on.

Testing in progress

No response yet from Wyze in the forums.

No link until Gwen posts the new thread when the new one opens. You will see it in new and she usually pins it. She initiates the thread.

Sorry, missed the last part. New thread every month and she brings forward updates from previous months.

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Thanks - I’ll look in the new threads

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I will link post here when I see it.

Thanks - much appreciated

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As for the lost ability to rewind the buffering live event video, my latest communication from Wyze was suggested to yet again submit a request in the Wyze Wishlist forum. Which I already did. But since I seriously doubt it would gain any traction I’ll be canceling my auto renewal of Cam Plus.

The Person Detection has NEVER worked so I’m paying for basically longer events to be recorded. Ironically that very thing has now delayed me from seeing the very things that are triggering my live events. Was that a homeless person who walked through my driveway at night? A coyote? Jason Voorhees? Let’s wait until the video finishes recording now… could be a minute. Could be ten. But I guess they’d prefer to have a shortcut to the current live feed instead. Makes total sense if you prefer to wait a lot to see exactly why you got that notification in the first place.


I agree totally with you.

I have CamPlus for two reasons: (1) to give me longer recording times and (2) to avoid the 5 minutes cooldown period.

I switched off AI a long time ago as it couldn’t tell me the difference between a fox, badger, cat etc. It never even identified pigeons.

I rely on simple motion events - which I always had to rewind to the start of the event to see if the trigger was a fox … Now I cannot do that! So what is the point of staying with Wyze?

I put a request into the wishlist last year - nothing happened.

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I’ve just had a duck waddle by - it was walking directly away from the camera

Even that had walked out of range of the camera before live view changed to event view. It was in the field of view of the camera all the time but was a very small unidentifiable dot and I only knew it was a duck by rewinding to the start of the video in event view … So much for the advice to change the angle of view of the camera!

It could have been a thief stealing something from my garden… but I wouldn’t have known until the stupid system had finished recording and let me see the event view. I am sure a thief can run faster than a duck!

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ah!! i remember BT… ugh… they are a pain, but at least after you stopped paying they fixed it… here in the US they would just say “F U”, come to get any equipment you may be renting and then send your bill to a debt collector who will harass the crap out of you…

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I was with BT about 15 years ago and said I would never use them again. Then I moved home to the countryside and the only provider that could install fibre broadband was … BT!!!

I knew I would have problems but had no choice.

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Hello everyone! I don’t want to bring in the marching band just yet… But check your cams.

This happened about 30 minutes ago. I first noticed it on my doorbell cam, but couldn’t get to the screenshot while driving.

This is on a Cam V3. I triggered an AI Person Detection, received the notification, and immediately clicked it. It launched the Wyze App and immediately went to this:

Do my eyes deceive me? Live view with the time slider?

And the time slider WORKS! With the motion tracking box!

Did it really happen? Did it really get restored? Please tell me this isn’t just a fluke or a dream!

Test and reply please!

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Might be too good to be true… Just tested it on another Cam V3 running the same FW and it launched the P2P Livestream without slider controls.

So now the question of why?


Just tested my V3 s - no sliders I’m afraid

I had another thought about Wyze implementing this change.

I seem to remember that viewing the live screen when you view the event was asked for by “many” - why didn’t they just go to the home screen and tap on the live view from the thumbnail there?

Then the “many” have their live view and rest of us could keep the slider.

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