Wyze AI events not working

My Front door camera (V3) has stopped detecting AI events. I checked that it does detect motion events, but they don’t seem to be recognized and tagged properly by the AI service as Person/Package. It was working just fine until a few days ago so I am wondering is this is an issue on my side or on Wyze AI Cloud services.

I have updated to the latest FW and my Cam Plus subscription is good until next month. Any help is appreciated.

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Is it still recording longer than 12 second events?

If it were me, I would consider removing the cam from Cam Plus, closing the app, then adding the cam back to cam plus and setting up my AI settings on it again. I have seen a similar weird thing where reinitiating settings will cause it to fix whatever the bug was.

If you want someone to help walk you through all the troubleshoot, I’d consider contacting Wyze Support:

If you select the option to have them contact you by email, they’ll even email you all the troubleshooting steps so you can just walk through them at your convenience. That’s my favorite way to get the troubleshooting steps. :slight_smile:

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Yes it is recording all motion events. I have contacted customer support on this but I will try your suggestion first thing in the morning tomorrow.

Let me know how it goes. My AI stuff seems to be working okay, so hopefully it helps to take cam plus off, and put it back on and redo the settings helps :crossed_fingers:

I just saw a post on a different forum from 2 people saying they had a similar issue and they fixed it by signing out of the app, signing back in and toggling the detection settings for the cam off and on again.

Thought I’d come throw that in here in case it helps your situation too.

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I’ve been experiencing the same issue with my V3s. If you have a Detection Zone set up, try turning it off. It’s the only thing that restored AI detection for me. This is not the first time this has happened.

I reset two of my V3s, set them back up with zone detection enabled, and they seemed to work for a short time. But within an hour AI detection stopped working again, and I had to disable zone detection.


I have done that and completely disabled the detection zone. Camera is back to being able to detect events as they happen (Vehicle/person/package) so it may be true that the zones had something to do with it. I will keep monitoring it for the next few days but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


I downgraded my cam plus to cam lite on one camera and everything worked like normal. But I didn’t want the cooldown time.

So I cleared my detection zone and then added a couple blocks back at a time and tested the motion AI (person) events and found that at about 50% of my screen grayed/blocked off the AI detection stopped again.

So I grayed out some areas and it’s working ok. Slower notifications though for some reason.

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@Aardvark, I saw your other post mentioning this and I am intrigued. I am going to test my cams with detection zones today. I have not updated firmware on my V3 for the specific reason that Wyze introduces more bugs in new firmware than it fixed

On what Firmware version did you experience this bug? Thx!

@munkiinut, thanks for the testing routine. Great info. I am doing the same today!

Same question as above, what FW version?

@waldo15, I am going to test mine today. Want to make sure I stay away from that FW version. What FW version are your cams on?

My v3 cams have the firmware. If I had to guess, I would say this issue began around the time I updated my cams.

When new fw is released (I’m also on the beta channel) I normally update only one cam and test it for a while (knowing how Wyze’s firmware updates usually go). It seemed to be ok, so I updated the rest of my cams. The “test” cam didn’t have a detection zone set, so I didn’t discover the issue until later.

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:man_facepalming:! Thx!

I cannot remember the FW version I had before but it was the one prior to the latest version. And I do see correlation between the cameras working as normal (prior version) and then one camera having issues (new version)

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I’m on now. The problem started on and I updated hoping it would fix it.

I had tested the cam plus and cam plus lite on the and with my detection zone set correctly and only motion event notification for the free person AI events Camplus Lite work correctly.

I couldn’t understand why just changing the subscription over to paid plus would cause the problem.


Just trying to determine if the bug is in the FW, the app, or the cloud. Narrowing the scope.

It’s a combination of factors. When I noticed my camera was not detecting AI events, I enabled the motion detection on another camera I have and that one was working fine with all detection happening at all times.

I reached out to customer support and sent logs with a video sample of the camera not detecting a person but only motion and they told me there was nothing they could do to fix it.

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Thanks. Extensive testing on mine today. Not updating if working.

BTW, there is nothing CS can fix. Just the sheep you have to wade through to get to the Shepard. More like human speed bumps.

So here are the results of my testing on 10 V3 cams:

All cams are on OLD FW, CamPlus with Event Recording to All Motion and Smart AI Recording to Person Detection (along with various others depending on the cam). Notifications are set to AI Events Only.

4 cams with NO detection zone - all recorded Person Detection Cloud Events

Cams with Detection Zones (letters = cam name):

  • BCC - over 1/2 blocked by DZ - recorded PD Events
  • BDC - 1/2 blocked by DZ - Recorded PD Events
  • GFC - very small blocked by DZ - Recorded PD Events
  • GBC - very small blocked by DZ - Recorded PD Events
  • SYC - less than 1/2 blocked by DZ - Recorded PD Events
  • FPC - Less than 1/2 blocked by DZ - Recorded PD Events

It looks like my detection zones are not affecting my CamPlus AI Detections and recordings.

However, the Notifications for these events is absolutely disgusting! Because the majority of these events was 30s to 5min, the Notifications were never sent. This has been reported in the past and Wyze has acknowledged the issue.

If you have All Motion notifications OFF, and AI Notifications ON, if the AI Bot takes longer than 6 seconds to successfully tag your AI, you get NO notification. The event will record to the cloud and get tagged, you just wont know it unless you are hovering in the Events Tab.

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Same issue here. All was well until a few days ago… possibly after a firmware upgrade??? Super disappointed not only in the performance of these cameras / app but also in the fact that there seems to be no outpouring from the support team when there are obviously many of us with the same issue.