Wyze cam v3 keeps tripping with car headlights

Same with me…70ft away and Car lights or Large Truck will trip this off.

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Exactly !

Detection zone editing should not pick up these lights, in the blocked zones.

I have a Cam Pan without the home monitoring. I live at an intersection and headlights coming from any direction at night always triggers the camera and sends me notifications. I have attempted to adjust the detection zone as close to the front door area as possible so that excludes the streets themselves. However, this doesn’t seem to be helping. I have the detection sensitivity set to 30% hoping that that would help with the false triggers. I’ll attach a photo showing the detection zone that I have set.

Any suggestions would be helpful. It’s not much use when it’s sending me notifications 50 times an hour.

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Welcome to the club !

I too cropped (ridiculous ly) my V3 cams to limit stray light, alerts .

Most of the tripping comes from those using illegal and wide beam headlights on City streets.

I’ve flooded wyze with daily “Video improvement Clips”…
In my hopes of improvement regarding “Zone Detection” , “stray car lights”.

I’ve cropped, lowered sensitivity and changed angles.
Still getting notifications.

So many, To the point that if someone stands or walks past my vehicle. I’d get an alert, ignore it and find out later. If that alert was by friend or foe !

Hopefully, if it cannot be eliminated, then reduced with more human detection and notification of human activity !

I Still love my V3’s just a bit less, due to the overload of notifications.

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Wow that’s absurd . That’s so many times . I live on a deadend but when cars come to the intersection their headlights bounce off my porch beam in a small square but Wyze circles it and says there’s a person. So I wake up to an alert saying 2 people were caught on camera but nope just headlights. Idk how to stop it cause I don’t want it to be silenced if actual people come to rob me .

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I have an area of the house that did this in the past with headlights on the siding triggering the AI.

I did get it to stop by setting the detection zone to block it out… BUT… It seems the CamV3 are now having an issue with motion detection when the detection zone is set… So I have to do some testing to see if my current FW is in that group.

You can try to block it out with the detection zone, but do some testing! If your AI detections and notifications stop when you set the zone, turn the zone back off until Wyze fixes it.

Here is where that is being discussed now:

Beta Tester Badge 2

Thank you, I was considering moving my camera over slightly to the right but I already secured /hide the cable and it’s at its full length. I’ve never seen detection zone as an option . Where is that exactly. I’ll read the forum as well . Thank you sm

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Not sure which cam you have there. Mine are V3. But in the settings for my cams, the detection zones are in the Detection Settings>Detection Zone. Blocks can be ‘shaded’ to remove them from the detection zone.

Good luck!

Your instructions were perfect i had a v3 and i used your steps to select an area that didn’t include that pole.

Thanks again,


You are welcome! Glad it is working.

Tripping headlights, detecting them as people, is a new one, to me !

Wide & Super bright, Beams of light trip mine and report those as just motion.
I had to, " zone down to the bone" . To stop the constant alert chirps.
A not so happy solution, with 5-8 headlight trips per hr. (Depending on traffic)

As I said before, City Dwelling cars, with super bright, wide angle headlights are my v3 cams, Kryptonite.

Alerts for non existent people would truly, freak me out !

Best of Luck !

DoorBell and Outdoor Cam with me on Tripping detection.

If you already have the detection zone set up, as you have, why not try taping a small piece of paper or cardboard half way over the lens? you just need it level with the road and you have the camera very close to perfectly horizontal… id either tape something over half of the lens, or on the outside of the window as to cover up the road… although you may get away with a small cover on the left and right side, as its when the car comes into view with headlights thats causing your issue. just a thought.

I used to do that with my v1 or 2.

But with v3,
The color makes me want to see the whole picture.

Now it’s,
Cars, with wide angle and extra bright headlights, Oh my ! (Wiz of Oz)

Having the same issue with headlights, nothing I do fixes it…Only issue is at night and i can’t use IR either thru my window as It whitewashes out…frustrating…

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Sadly the issue(s) have gotten worse.

I’m now averaging, one false out of the detection zone alert, at night. Every 2-5 mins.

I live on a busy avenue. No Bueno !

I would like a little, " parked auto security",in my driveway, for some peace of mind.

Is that too much to ask, wyze ?

@BigBurly13, there may be hope for your V3. Just make sure the firmware is up to date. (Or, is it the update that caused your change in cam behavior?)

The new firmware has introduced a major shift in the AI detection force.

Now, the detection zone not only restricts activation (Detects Motion) to movement occuring within the DZ, but the AI bot and the green Motion Tracking boxes are also now restricted by the DZ.

So, theoretically, you should no longer be getting AI tagged Events that occur outside the DZ.


I’ll be charlie brown n try n kick lucy’s football !

An Update, we will go !
An update, we will go !

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mine are all new, updated firmware… I’ve made the DZ only one box high and still lights set it off…

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Good luck! I tested it and it looks to be functioning to exclude all motion outside the DZ from both motion activation and AI tagging\motion tracking.

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