Last 3~4 App Updates a Bust!

Hello All,

A week or two ago I got a prompt to update the Wyze Beta app only to end up with an unusable version (2.13.115) - the app never opens, shows “Offline” consistently. I tell myself “OK, one of their coders was half asleep @ the kybd”. It happens; it’s a human thing. Well guess what?, I’ve since received two, maybe three more of the same update prompts, all ending with the same unusable app results. Fortunately, the device I updated the app on was one of two Fire 10HD tablets I had it installed on, so I still had a working version. Moreover, the device I updated the app on was still holding the Chrome tab open with the previous version ready to download, so uninstalling the new bad version & rolling back to the previous was super easy. This is not just a “Human Thing”. Once, maybe twice, but three or four times??? - “Houston, we have a problem!.” Thank heavens I did not update my cams; I’m seeing big issues on this forum with those recent updates too. The takeaway here is: Keep previous software/firmware versions handy, as you likely will need them at some point.

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