Latest beta app causing phone to lock up for 5 solid minutes

App causes phone to become unresponsive. Cannot use phone whatsoever with latest version of beta app. I’ve already rolled back to an earlier version for the time being. Phone locks up and will do NOTHING. Cannot even restart phone. Screen won’t lock. Can’t get to home screen. Nothing. This won’t work whatsoever. The latest version of the beta app is full of bugs and needs to be fixed ASAP. Can’t submit support requests in it, either. Don’t know whats going on but that, app is useless on my phone. After trying 40 or 50 times, I was finally able to submit a support request through the rolled back app. For whatever reason, I couldn’t send through it, either, until I picked something other than “Other” as the issue with the Wyze App that I was reporting.

You guys need to take a good hard look at that latest version. It’s basically useless on my S7.

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Just to add a little Info here, I have noticed a similar but much, much less serious issue in my IOS version. My app will seem to freeze when entering the main screen, but only for a second or two. Until I saw this post I chalked it up to too many devices trying to load, but now I wonder.
Will keep an eye on it.

I’ve noticed something similar when I navigate too quickly between settings (especially for Timelapse). I shared this thread with the team for investigation. If you haven’t yet, please send us logs after the app freezes (try and let it unfreeze rather than force closing it) so we can take a closer look. :slight_smile:

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I also noticed it for timelapse. i thought it was my phone. I will be sending logs in later today

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I am new to this beta testers group. @blazer0981 it would be helpful to know which app version you are talking about.
I was about to update to the Android 2.11.37 version when I read this post.

It was whatever the most recent version was on the day I posted. I don’t recall which and haven’t investigated to determine which it was.

Mine usually happened while viewing a live feed. I rolled back to a previous version before I posted this, also. So I’ll update to the newest release, which has been released since this post, and see if it’s still doing it.

Also can’t send support requests through the app because it’s blaming my connection, yet if I send a log file, my connection is fine and it sends every time. If we can’t send support requests, how exactly are you supposed to know we need support and that your app is janky and needs all sorts of issues addressed?

This is an ongoing issue with the app. It’s been like this in the last 3 versions, including the most recent. FYI it’s not my connection that’s the issue. It’s the app.


Thanks for sending in the logs, would you mind letting me know the number associated with them so we can make sure the app team takes a look at why it’s running into problems connecting with support?

You do realize that’s what a Beta may do to your Phone, right? Remain calm, be happy…There’s always a way out of the rabbit hole.

As a few have posted on the similar thread on Facebook, we’ve been having android performance issues since somewhat recent Wyze app updates, and not just in the Wyze app itself. I even did a factory reset on my phone, and issues returned after installing the Wyze app. And we don’t have slow phones.